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Objects limit? Problem when adding lots of objects SA


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Hello all, im was adding some new objects with scripts but crashed after 30-more (i was using the same @).

What can i do? I just want to add new object to the SA map (a lot).

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Another GTA Fan

There is an object limit in the game. You'll need to use a Limit Adjuster and increase the object limit count. I'd recommended fastmans Limit Adjuster, though it's not the only Limit Adjuster out there, as far as I know.

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On PC, adding more that a dozen or so objects via scm is known to cause issues with crashes. However, on a standard game I was using text IPL files to add chipstacks to mark the corners of the starting and landing zones for the unique stunt jumps and I'm pretty sure I didn't run into trouble until I started adding more. So, 70 jumps * 2 zones * 8 corners = 1120 objects. That should count as "lots" without needed to adjust the standard limits. 


Also, dynamic objects like vending machines, video games and gambling tables don't work if added with scm, but will work with IPL. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to find good IPL reference with GTAModding down.


Added: Save your scm objects for things that need to move (gates, doors, cranes and lifts), or deleted or destroyed. Also you don't want to use so many that there isn't plenty of room for missions to manipulate objects. A good stress test of mission objects is the last lesson of boat school.

Edited by OrionSR
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I think i solved it, just adding them when im near of x zone and removing it when not :D

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