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User Reputation

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Posted (edited)

I've always wondered why there has been no User Reputation system added to the forum I know that it can be somewhat easily added via the forum tools. We used Vbulletin. (mainly using it for short quick comments instead of having to PM someone.) I use to be an admin at Gorillmask.net (AKA GMF Gorilla Mask Forums turned into TeamRawDog. (No longer up and running but yeah you can probably look it up on the wayback machine site.) and we had a rep system where you could write short comments to the poster instead of clogging up a thread with questions that only pertains to that person etc.

Edited by erased

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I think the reason why User Reputation system hasn't been added is because it'd be greatly abused (people who want to hand out negative rep to users they hate or others gang rep'ing their friends) Also, why would you need to write short comments or a thread with questions pertaining to the user when you could simply PM him/her about it? By default, the IPB Forum Software has a reputation system based on the amount of likes a user has received. It has been working well since the last 4-5 years and should work well in future. Just my 2 cents on your suggestion.

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User reputation in GTANet revolves around contributions towards the community. These can very from winning something in our Annual Awards, to do creating a really good thread in the forums.


It's mostly scattered around user's profiles right now, but we're in the process of documenting it on our Wiki, a work in progress can be seen here:


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