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Regarding MK II Weapon Stats On Social Club Profile



I have about half of my weapons upgraded to MKII. I'm in a grinding crew and we protect our lobbies. Pretty much the only PvP i participate in is when our lobby is invaded by randoms. Over the last few months, since upgrading my heavy sniper to MKII and added explosive ammo, I've scored well over 25 PvP kills. I get the notification in the corner of the screen confirming it. However, when I check my weapons stats on my Social Club profile, it shows 0 player kills. I've checked this multiple times over the last few months and it has never been updated nor are the kills counted under the standard heavy sniper. 


Does anyone have any insight as to why this is happening? Are these kills even being counted in my overall player kills? Are there other weapon stats on the Social Club profile that are incorrect?


Also, please note, I am a bit of a tryhard but don't consider myself a griefer. My KD  has gone from .18 when I joined my crew in March to .56 currently. My only fixation, if any, is to get my KD to a respectable or even average level.


Thanks for the  feedback

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4 answers to this question

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Don't mind it. Social Club stats are buggy.



>accuracy 0%

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Thanks for the reply. Over 2000 kills with weapon and 00:00:00 time held? So the actual weapon stats are completely and obviously incorrect, yet the actual player kills made when using the weapon actually count towards your overall KD? Sounds like sound Rock* logic to me.

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Posted (edited)

I had a quick look and according to SC I have the same stats as Sanches - 0%, 0 player kills, 00:00 held. All MkII weapons. So yeah. Not sure about the player kills/KD though, I'd say it does count because I'm pretty much all MkIIs and mine is still creeping up. If I remember I'll kill 10 randoms and have a look at players kills later.




Edit - actually I can't because my stats are "23.5K" so I'd have to kill around a hundred to move it and I ain't Harbujahn :D

Edited by Gridl0k

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From looking at things I have no idea...

Inside the mpstats file, you'll see there's sections for recording the number of kills, deaths, shots, hits, headshots, held-time, etc etc, for all different weapons in the game. However there's the absence of any mk2 related data apart from that which tracks your ammunition and how much of the different special ammo types you have. 


That being said, I'm almost sure I always use Mk.2 weapons nowadays and my kill ratio is changing as a result, but that's a completely separate statistic anyway and would count up one if you flew a plane into someone. 

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