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GTA Gadar

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hey everyone i wanted to get an indian mod for gta sa i had it 5 years ago and now want it back it is called gta gadar its quite funny mod it changes all the textures charecters and vehicles i remember that the vagos were replaced  with pikachu there was a huge highway around san andreas there were tonnes of cleo mods in it as well it would be great if i can have its download link 

i remember shamal was replaced with b2 stealth bomber and andromada with antonov 225 mriya and at 400 with a boeing 747

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Not possible, unless you download separated mods and install it to make San Andreas looks like India


Also, I'm the only one who reply your post. What am I doing with my life?

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Jesus Christ. It's times like this I wish there was an ability where you could post to a thread without bumping it to the top, like how imageboards use sage.


Anyway, what was this thread about again? Literally 2 minutes on Google and I found a video by Pranil Lahadke on Youtube that has two Mediafire links to the mod in question. Links are in the description of that video. Would post them here but that's against the rules, though at this point so much of the game has been crudely scribbled over (more apt word than modded imho) that it probably doesn't count.

Or realize for a second if that's the way you're going to abuse your copy of San Andreas then it probably isn't the best choice for you? Maybe if you want "lol random" then try some Garry's Mod or Minecraft?

Further OT: When I read the title of this thread I thought Tumblr made a mod for GTA

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