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How much do you think you deserve?

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Well I only ever did it with a friend of mine, sometimes another one join us too to help out. We only do the third act since it's where the real money is.

No matter the circumstances though, the host always take the maximum possible cut when we play together. It doesn't matter if everybody was there helping since the beginning or just came at the finale. The host always take as much as possible.


But we all help each other. Once we complete the finale of one, we move to the finales of the remaining players. So in the end everyone takes the same amount of money. The problem is that due to both the time needed to finish the heist and real life circumstances, it's quite difficult to play Heists with said friends.


I'm yet to play Doomsday Heists with "randumbs" as you guys say, but for me the very limit would be around 25% and I would refuse to do these Heists with more than a single person. There's always that little detail that people forget which is that the leader pays a large sum of money to start the heist, and that the crew earns quite a bit of money per setup, which isn't the case for the leader. For example, the Act III pays 45k per mission on hard difficulty, that add up to well over 100k if you do all of them. Ask for anything more than 15% if you're in since beginning is nothing more than greed because you would be earning about 225k over the finale payout. Just add it up, it's around 500k total. Quite a payday without spending a dollar aside from ammo and body armor if you ask me.


If you come just at the finale or only do some of the setups and I don't know you, I could give you the benefit of doubt, which is where my 25% limit comes in. If you're in since beginning and then at the finale ask for more, I'll send a message reminding you of the 225k you got from setups, and then maybe give you 20% for your dedication since I value that.


When I'm the random joining, I'll be perfectly fine with 15% because I ain't a freaking hypocrite. I'll let the leader decide how much I'll take, even though I know they probably don't think about it like I do.

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Killer Whale
Posted (edited)

Depends on whom I’m playing with.


If I’m playing against randoms, then 20% as a minimum. My rank is more than enough to tell you I won’t mess it up. However, if you put me on the submarine team on the Act 2 finale, I can take 15%. I can also take 15% with randoms if I’m in the mood.


I’d be willing to do the Doomsday Heists with only two people, but only if I’m given 40% or 50%. Even happier to take more if the host doesn’t mind how much he’s getting.


If I’m playing with friends, I’ll take 15%, maybe even less on rare occasions.

Edited by Killer Whale

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I don't want your money, just the RP.

If you give me more then the bare minimum be prepared to get told off by a Canadian.

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On 6/20/2018 at 10:22 PM, FelipeSCCP said:


So my question for all is: what the minimum acceptable cut you guys would take on those circumstances, and in others like only participating in the final? And if you are the host, what do you take in consideration to give a fair cut to your associates?

It depends how much work I've done. If I haven't done any setups then 15% is fine.

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Posted (edited)

I think with 4 people 15%-20% is reasonable especially for finale jumpers. With double money I’m comfortable enough giving 25% though. For DDH 2 people 15%-25% for finale jumpers, and 40%-50% if its a friend. 


I usally host so I can make more money that way. I have no problem upping the other players pay but when they start demanding I leave immediately. I thinks it’s rude. Usually too when people demand more I’ve found chances are they’ll still fail the heist. 

Edited by MrClownSocks

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Sentinel Driver

Well I deserve a huge cut because I actually get sh*t done unlike the dumbass randoms but really I'm not that picky about the cut. As long as I don't go under 15% and if I've helped with setups I'd really appreciate getting more than 15%

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Panashe M. Sinclaire
Posted (edited)

There is no minimum for me. I'm an MVP, everyone I've played with knows this. If we're doing this as an army of two you're going to make it worth my while. I waste more time failing heists than actually passing them. I deserve 50%. Always.


I remember someone said you can listen all you want, but if you don't apply it, you're a fool. In the games I've played over the years, they've taught me a lot. Brink kept me on my toes. Max Payne 3 taught me how to shoot without aimbot. And GTA Online taught me how to take on waves of enemies with no sweat.


 I put a lot of focus in this sh*t, and I'll be damned if I take anything less than what the effort's worth. But then again, I forget that not everyone in this world is smarter than a 5th grader, and that's when I leave.

Edited by Lucius M. Galloway

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