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ENB Series Is Not Working Well.


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Hello everybody..I like my gta eflc and I downloaded enb series for the game (you can check it out here http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/mods/71614-4k-ultra-hd-graphics/) but i got some bugs :

1 . I have the {metallic paint job for cars} it looks soo beautiful but at some times in-game it becomes shining very much , so the game almost white , not so much but it start to have high brightness level of some kind (i think 49% is brightness level) so i need to reduce it a bit which lets the metallic paint job effects turned on and shines but not annoying me!

2 . I can see the high graphics effects it looks exaggerated ultra ! 4K no problem!! but if I take a look to my game and compare it with mod's pictures u can see different of some kind even though the game has veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ultra graphics but yeah it still gta eflc !!!

3 . at the night time { 21:20 exactly } the game starts to be white and cyan and sometimes white only , help to fix this bug.

4 . when I install the mod ( I start to put the enb files that need to be at the game main directory ) it works fine...the i go to install the files at "pc"folder (pc/data) i start with timecyc and the cdimages then I GO TO (pc/textures) WHEN I REPLACE FILES HERE THE GAME CRASHES , also with files at "common folder (common/shaders)" WHEN I REPLACE FILES AT SHADERS FOLDER THE GAME CRASHES TOO. {I think this issue causes the problem number 2}

Help to fix all bugs i mentioned above please , thanks.

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