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Second Xbox - Second account - benefits to playing solo


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Recently with much competition for the one Xbox One in the household I decided to purchase a second xbox. So far I have discovered quite a few advantages to playing "solo" when you can add in your second account. For example a few weeks back we had the Dispatch missions I was able to invite my second account and replay the missions from a playlist netting both characters loads of cash while waiting for our bunkers to fill with product. But where i have seen the greatest advantages is in the solo sell missions in Bunker and MC. For one thing you can avoid one return trip by having the second character ready to go for the second Insurgent for example. Also I have learned for example with the bagger missions I can take character one and drive the bagger to the destination then get in a taxi for the return trip while I go to my second character and do the bagger run and return trip. By the time my 1st character has returned the second character has also returned and both can go straight to driving the baggers. This has cut off between 6-12 minutes from my sell missions and increased my efficiency but has opened up other big sell missions like being able to do 3 insurgents to battle with Merryweather for the bigger bunker sell runs. Also with MC sell runs I get the duffel bag missions almost 50% of the time making selling MC much easier and faster.


I wanted to throw out these suggestions for other folks interested in running 2 Xboxes and look for other ways I may be able to use this second account. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Doing I/E car sales


If you are solo, you get the npc's after you


Set your second account watching security, in the same 'solo' session, no npc's


On your MC or bunker sales, if done solo, you will get an other player bonus

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Yup definitely Mr. Spanky! Also I can run Privacy prevention solo as well. For IE Vehicles of course you are correct but I would be robbed of the satisfaction of the blowing up the npcs with my APC and watching them burn alive but for expediency you are definitely right. 

Edited by FrancisBlack
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To be honest with 4 MC businesses and Bunker runs I rarely do IE any more because its just not that profitable in comparison to doing MC. Why earn 80k max in 20 minutes when I can do an MC run and earn 300-420k in 20 minutes. But your suggestions are totally valid for someone doing more IE Vehicles sells. I usually do IE runs after I deliver my bunker or MC and get left on the south side where my IE garage is. I can make half the return trip and earn 80k at the same time.  

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4 minutes ago, IamCourtney said:

You might be able to farm DDH Act 1 as a "soloduo..." 

Could you please point me in the right direction or provide more info? I would love to know more about farming heists solo especially for doubles weeks. I heard its possible to repeat the finales rapidly?

Edited by FrancisBlack
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I'm assuming you've done them before, and this is just hypothetical thought exercise on my part.




Dead Courier should be fairly straight forward, character 1 can do the Paramedic section and wait inside the building after all the enemies within are dead while you steal the Savage with character 2, then quickly clear out the cops at the coroner's office, run outside and get in the chopper with character 1 and fly to the dropoff.


Signal Intercepts might be a little trickier, but the timer is pretty generous and you should be able to get each set of hacks done within the time limit. I'm not sure if it would be faster to do all four hacks with one character or switch for each set, since they spawn in two groups. It might be simpler to purposely fail after the vans are hacked and then again for the boats so that you respawn near the next portion of the mission. The airborne hack might get a bit hairy as you can really only follow with one character but as long as you can shoot down the attacking Valkyries and/or use the cargo plane to limit their line of fire it should be doable.


Server Farm should be mostly straightforward as long as you maintain stealth for as long as possible... I know some SWAT guys will converge on each character once the hacks are complete and I'm not sure if there's a way to tuck character 1 safely away while the other makes their way to the elevator, and vice versa. Maybe a good arrangement of proxy mines set up beforehand could buy enough time? Assuming you can get both characters up the elevator, fighting to the escape chopper should be fine using one character while the other hides.


Finale is the most straight forward, once you enter the facility there are a few initial enemies you'll have to kill quickly since they can fire on both you immediately but after that you can just tuck one character away, fight your way through slow and steady with the other and then bring the other forward as needed once the coast is clear.



This is by no means a sure thing, but I've been helping an inexperienced friend through Act 1 a few times recently and doing the lion's share of the work, so I'm basing my theories on that. I'm not certain how it'd play out when the other player immobile for long periods... Hope it helps and let us know if you pull it off!

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Yeah I got all the way up to server farm and ran into problems because my second character kept getting attacked and does need to sit somewhere safely throughout my brute forcing the servers. 

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