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Best way to make money in story mode Gta5

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Hi ,I'm new to the game and I've done like 7 missions and there just seems to be a lack of money going on ... Some missions like Franklin's helping the photographer guy or doing Tanya favors ext yeild nothing . What's ur recommendation to make quick money and be able to enjoy this game 

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The EASIEST and probably quickest way, is to just unpatch your game and use the stock market glitch.


It takes time to unpatch and then repatch later but it's WELL worth it IMO. You will likely never "need" money in the game again after you do this.


You can also take this opportunity to use old glitches to get special vehicles that you cannot normally get unless you use some of the old glitches (special plates, liveries, etc)


I was gonna give you a more detailed tutorial on this but I STRONGLY suggest you just look up other guides on how to do this in greater detail.


I will however give you what may seem long but is actually a VERY brief description, because I do have some warnings and tips (you could just skip to the end for these) you might not find in all of the guides.


Also, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUP SAVES (NEW save files) when trying to perform glitches etc.


HONESTLY, from here to the end, this all looks and sounds more complicated than it actually is.



-save your game (to your console NOT a cloud)

-quit GTA V

-disconnect from the internet, so turn off wifi or disconnect ethernet. DO NOT do just a temporary disconnect, make it stay offline until you are done getting all the cash you want.



-uninstall the GAME itself. This is DIFFERENT from deleting your game save. DO NOT DELETE YOUR GAME SAVE! (unless you just wanna start a new game)

-put the disk back in and wait for the game to install. (make sure you are still NOT connected to the internet otherwise it's going to put a patched game back on your system.

As long as you did not connect back to the internet you will have now installed an unpatched version of GTA V as it originally shipped.

Again, DO NOT reconnect to the internet until you're done getting the cash.


REPATCHING: (you will not do this until AFTER you get your cash maxed out but I'm putting this here cause my warnings have to do with the glitch itself, not repatching)

-after you got what you wanted from the glitch below make sure you save it.

-connect your console back to the internet, so turn your wifi back on or plug in your ethernet cable

-when you start GTA V again you'll get a prompt to update GTA V

-allow the updates and... just go do something else after that, this is what takes the most amount of time.



-After the lifeinvader mission is done (you killed the CEO with a phone call) you can now perform this glitch,(I haven't tried doing this in earlier missions) so if you already passed this one you're good to go.

-pull up LCN on your phone or a computer

-use sort headers to find the highest PERCENTAGE LOSS

-buy as much shares of that stock as you can AFFORD (WARNING: do not spend more than you have in your available cash)

-go back to the stock page (NOT your portfolio summary)

-choose "sell all"

What happens here is the glitch will read the negative percentage as a positive when you sell it.

Example: If it is showing a 50% loss when you buy, you will get a 50% GAIN when you sell it.

This process is simple and quick UNTIL you get to your max capacity and here are my warnings:


WARNINGS: This glitch itself can get glitchy:

-Unpatched, the game will ALSO allow you to buy more stocks than you can afford and sell more shares than you should be able to, due to the amount of cash it would put into your bank account.

-The above CAN just result in a transaction that does nothing, after you click "confirm" you'll see the exact same amount of shares and the exact same amount of cash in your accounts. HOWEVER, it can ALSO result in taking ALL of your cash and giving you no shares, or taking all of the shares you tried to sell, but giving you no cash. SO,... DO NOT buy more than you can afford or sell more than you can hold.

-To do this, you will at some point need to start using the +/- buttons to manually select the specific amount of shares you want to sell or to avoid buying even $1 more worth of shares than you have in your available cash.

NOTE: it isn't really until this point where you feel like you're actually spending a lot of time on this glitch HOWEVER, this is by far the easiest and quickest way to get to your max cash cap and make yourself an almost unlimited reserve with stocks. You cannot "rob" or "stashed breifcase" your way to this amount of money in even a fraction of this amount of time.

-Some guides will tell you that only the "sell all" button works, but at least for XB1, this is not true.

-YOUR MAX CASH is $2,147,483,647 per character. You can have 9 different stocks, however, I'm not sure if there's a cap on how many shares per stock you can have but I'd guess if there is, it would be 2147483647 shares per stock.... no idea though.

-Once you approach the max cash cap, you'll want to start using the +/- buttons to avoid overselling and possibly zeroing out your bank account. (again, this is the most tedious part).

-This will actually SHOW you how much you are going to receive from selling the selected amount, BEFORE you confirm, so:

-It's simple here, just take the $2,147,483,647 cap MINUS the amount of available cash you have EQUALS the dollar amount worth of shares you can sell.

-Again DO NOT sell more than that amount. It could do nothing, but it could also just sell the shares and zero your bank account.

... also, even if you do mess up, getting yourself back up to near max cash really doesn't take any time at all, as this is compounding. BUT a quick save to a new slot, when you get near your CAP, is strongly advised.



-might seem obvious but USE A CALCULATOR to help you. Even though this is super quick and easy, making sure you don't overshoot and zero out your account by accident does take some time, but is more frustrating than anything when it happens. Calculator and math skills will save your sanity.


-if you really really wanna be rich beyond your cap, your only other avenue is stocks. these are not 100% consistent or reliable but you'll probably notice some norms so take note of highs and lows as well as the norms.

For example, in my games (all of my different saves where I've restarted the game), lifeinvader is usually around $3 after you kill the CEO. It will go as high as maybe $5, and down to maybe $1.50. Augury Insurance will hover at around $200 usually but will sometimes go down to $100 or a little less. Vanilla Unicorn goes down to $20, sometimes a little lower and I've seen a high of $76 but it is usually around $30. Again this is in MY games, your stock norms may differ.

So while unpatched and maxed out, I bought everything that I could at what looks like their low points. NOTE: the "high and low" in the stock summary page is NOT what I'm talking about, that only goes a week back and usually is not very accurate.

So, when you repatch you should have a good surplus. Just in case... which you'll probably never need, but is cool to have.


-as I mentioned, running unpatched is also good time to go through and see if you want any special vehicles that are EASIEST to get when you are unpatched. I really wanted the snow Asea so I ran unpatched well beyond the last story mission.


-YOU MIGHT GET STUCK WITH YOUR PHONE OPEN. Unfortunately if this happens, you'll want to just max your cash for each character and repatch your game. I don't remember if I was able to fix this while unpatched. What happens is you'll open your phone, and try to read your emails and nothing will happen. But your phone will stay open and you won't be able to put it away.... HOWEVER, for a temporary fix, you DO NOT need to jump out of a moving car or get shot at like some other guides say.... JUST WALK INTO WATER OF SOME KIND LIKE A SWIMMING POOL, and your character will put their "not waterproof" phone away. For me this only happened on one of my game saves, and it only happened when I tried to read emails, so just don't read any if this happens. Get your cash maxed out, and repatch.



-no this is not a guide

-yes you need to do this for each character if you want all 3 maxed out

-it's possible the AMOUNT of shares is the cap and NOT the dollar amount of those shares, but I really have so much from this glitch I don't even care. I'll never spend down enough to even have to touch my stocks shares.

-yes I bought stocks until I couldn't hold anymore companies in my portfolio. Confirmed the limit is 9 different stocks.




Edited by scorpioxdragon
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No offense to the advice offered or the advisor offering it, but in story mode i would point out a few things.  You do not get any serious money as Franklin or Michael until you complete the jewelry store heist.  Franklin can spend evenings winning street car races for money, but again until the heist you can't really buy anything.  After the heist both characters are unavailable for a while.  You shouldn't worry about it in the least.  You actually can get all 3 characters above the cash max of 2 billion fairly quickly once they each have a stake to invest.  Trevor being the first character you can access with a large enough stake to invest.  Vangelico is the only stock you need to buy and sell to make your stock fortune.  After the heist it has wide price swings from $60+ to $150+ per share.  These price swings are very frequent and extreme, so i would suggest buying the maximum amount of this stock on the low end for all 3 characters and checking the market price often.  14 to 20 trades is about all you need to maximize your bank account starting with about $200,000 as your investment.  Best thing is often the price will shift as you change characters or perform a quick save.

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Daniel Oprea

Or just add a script and give yourself money. This is just for a quick fill’up. But to be honest, i just drove as a taxi driver for hours. Listen to some music and drive. But this is just for me

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