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Need Help in fixing GTA IV night time graphic settings. Street lights/Bloom is too bright for me.

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Hi, i decided to go back playing GTA IV, after i was pretty much got bored of GTA V. I find that GTA V just doesn't have the depth VS GTA IV single player storyline mode.

Anyways beside the storylines, i been trying many Graphics mods out there for GTA IV.


One particular Graphic mod that i installed is the "Realistic graphic" mod for GTA IV


The issue that i am having is  during night time the Street lights/bloom is just too intense. I tried all sorts of settings in order to lower the bloom/lights that happens during night time, as you will see in this link.

ULTRA Realistic Graphic mod:


i go to the enbseries configuration folder, and change the settings to change the brightness for the street lights, etc, and no matter what i do it STILL stays the same graphic settings as you will see the link above.

Now i tried another graphic mod setting for GTA IV. which is the CryENBV3, now in this graphic mod pack night time street lights/ bloom isn't that intense. I kinda want it as this setting during night time as you will see in this link:


ENB v3 graphic mod: 


You will see the lights isn't too bright as the first link, and the bloom isn't soo intense. BUT. there are some VERY dark sections where you can't see much with out any form of street lights.

My question/ HELP is that what do i need to do in order to get rid of that intense/bloom/ bright street lights? As you see the 1st link, i would like my night time graphics to match the 2nd link. These are two different graphics mods, and i prefer the first link graphic mod because of how realistic it makes GTA IV look where as the 2nd link graphic mod is okay.


The following link you will see why i prefer the Realistic graphics mod VS ENB version 3 graphic mod.


Realistic graphic mod daytime:



ENB VERSION 3 mod daytime:





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