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The ON CALL system


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This doesn't work well at all.  Putting people up in the clouds makes them leave, if they could actually join the lobby board they would likely stay.  I often have 8 people go ON CALL, while only trying to find 4, but they go ON CALL at separate times, or can't see there are already 2 ON CALL.  The game would work 100x better if they actually came to the lobby board.

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That would defeat the purpose as to why it was created in the first place, as its intention is to allow player(s) to continue doing their freeroam activities whilst they queue for the job... 

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But it doesn't though, it's when the session is full and it usually leaves people in the clouds for half a day so people cancel.  All I know, is that I'm on a lobby board now, I've had 6 people go ON CALL and then leave immediate before joining and another 4 join and leave because they were the only other person at the time they joined.  So I need 3 people and I've had 10, but yet I have none.  Silly system is silly.

Edited by FPU___
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The people on call are probably leaving because the job isn't being launched... 

Then there's the issue of an "on call host" which means the lobby only automatically launches once it's filled.


Best solution? Host your own stuff. 

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Nope, they were ON CALL for literally 1s, which means they just said, "forget it," when they saw the session was full.

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This looks like a B&M styled criticism/opinion thread, please keep those to the correct topic. Thanks.

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