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GTA San Andreas Street Wears Threads

Guru Sangha

Recommended Posts

Hi Guys I am Guru Sangha you can find my mods on Gtainside.com


You can share your Ideas, Give suggestions for new cloths for GTA SA


you can ask me for any help & you can share your mods in  this topic


I creat & convert cloths for Franklin, Trevor, Michael, Online Male, Online Female

& our most favorite CJ


Note : Please Don't upload mods without original author's permission


This is my Profile Link on GTAinside.com


http://www.gtainside.com/user/Guru Sangha

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  • 8 months later...


9 hours ago, DtoKe Samp_. said:



Hi bro, how do I contact you? I already contacted you by gmail and you did not answer

send me private message on gtainside

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Why is Franklin white?

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9 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Why is Franklin white?


its my previous texture model which i show in first 2 pictures


new texture of franklin 2.0 are brown


btw it doesn't matter black or white, because every black white brown or pale skin is a human being

so why bother asking he is light brown, may be little bit orange I make him look like an Indian

& you can do google for our body color, you can find how many types of color we have


in India we have every color in fact we have a brown color with red touch (just cause of tan body)

& you wont believe it looks very much red in harsh sun lite 


thats why we have a one of the greatest festival of all time - HOLI a festival of colors


Online player male & female have all colors nobody have any problem with that


if you like i show some samples of online male muscular models

Edited by Guru Sangha
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Hi  bro, you can send me the download link of the hair "FRANKLIN CASUAL" (I only want the hair)

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