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The Chiliad mystery and the book of Masquerade. Six solar eclipses, shadows and the moon

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He Guys, 


i’ve did a lot of research as most likely the most of us did in 5 years gta5. But my focus was on an other side as the most...


I did a lot of research on the solar system of gta. With all the info i had found, it was clear for me. what was ment with the glyphs and the mural. Finally i had “physical” proof. Because it was to much to clearly explane what i ment by writinh. So i dicided to make an video about it. 


Chiliad mystery, solar system and the shadow. Gta 5 The red moon mystery


When i posted this video some one asked me if i knewed the book of masquerade because this thing with the shadow in the video reminded him of the book. The book Masquerade was a real life easter egg hunt, In real life the treasure was hidden at The point of the shadow from an sort of obelisk. (Like the galileo obelisk) only locatable at two days a year, because only than the shadow was correct.. And what makes it even more interesting, this real life hunt was in the uk. The writer/ drawer is still a live and lives in the uk but i’ll get back to that later on. Here’s a link to an clear video about the book.  



In the video you could have noticed that some drawings look like the Gta 5 city mural. I did so i have been researching how the book needed to be solved. So i started on the city mural. First think about it for a few days but when i started trying things on my computer with connecting letters in went really smooth.. 



 The result spells out: 


And guess what.. the red moon mystery was an old comic in a news paper in what country... again UK. 


Mean while i have been able to reach out to Kit Williams. I sended him an message mentioned my idea about gta and the reference to his book... 


15min later i got a reply from the man him selve. That he had never heard from the game and that he had never gave permission to anyone to use his book in this way. But it was a really nice letter. 


So i replied him with an picture of the city mural and told him about some aspects of the game. Everybody is able to see that the drawings look like each other. 

(I am not saying that this is proof or anything in that order.) 


After this mail you would expect a mail like... ow thanks for the tip, or maybe i will get rockstar to court. But nothing. Of course i keep in mind that he could be busy with the puzzle..


but this is very suspicious to me.


Before mentioned in the video.. Here is an map of the solar system with all special days marked. 



We have six solar eclipses in one moon cycle. But we’re never able to see them all in one moon cycle because we can only see them with rainy weather. And at these days it will never rain all days. The first eclipse is only to be seen once in the 1500 days. With the moon drawn on the glyphs at the alien hyppycamp.. that’s the moon we need. 


But to see an an solar eclipse there is one thing that you need. And that’s to be in the umbra shadow casted by the moon. See the next video for clear explanation about eclipse.




Now you know how the shadow of an eclipse works. And if i tell you that the shadow of the obelist has an error on the shadow from 16 in game time minutes. On the ground is that approximately 50cm on the height from the obelisk’s eye. That will reach 18 meters? How many KM would the error be if the eye on the obelisk was at the same distance as the moon. 


So because the shadow isn’t casted on the real position there is sun light instead. And there is only one thing you need to see the eclipse, and that being in the umbra shadow.


I hope there are still hunters alive! And you now uderstand the importance of setting the shadow correct. So that we can solve this mystery before RDRII wil be out and the mystery will not die in silents. 


Pleas let me know what your thoughts findings and ideas are. 


Set the shadow and the chiliad mystery is on! 



Edited by Technosjaak

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I've been following you on Youtube since a while, all this is very interesting and nice work on the solar system map. IF there is anything at all, I guess it should be there since the last gen release, the beginning, but since we talk about Rockstar Games here, I'm not so sure. In any case, I have the game on current gen now, I will start to make use of your solar map.

Edited by anthony

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Thanks! At the moment i have played the full game again in an other way as i did before. Still need to skip 8 cycles to get back to the day. So i hoe to have new info from tests in a few days. To be continued. 


I found a way to sync time in storymode to the online time. At this day it isn’t nice because the day will take an other 3weeks to be in online. ( if the online cycle continues)

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The last one! A big chance you struggled your self with spawning the last one. The bigfoot strangers and freaks mission, that doesn’t spawns easy, if maybe even never by it self?


So because i skipped all cycles (+\-10hours night skippe) before finish the altruist game and The last one. I was almost at the day only few weeks left to go.... but still no last one. I found out that if you go to online and back it spawns always. So i did the last one and a few other thing and went for checking the moon pos because i was almost there..


At that moment the moon was completely of my time line. After multiple times tested i found out that when you get back to gtaV you will get the exact day in your story mode as it is online. It is as far as i know only possible with the last one. 


This makes it if the moon cycle in online continues possible, if you have a good safe game with the last one mission not spawned or close to 100% you will be able to sync your time line to the online time line in about 3 weeks from now 20 days maybe. Than you will be at the day with out skipping by sleeping.


If you’ve no idea what i mean with ”the day” here is an video about it.

Chiliad mystery, solar system and the shadow. Gta 5 (The red moon mystery) https://youtu.be/DfNPYQRTnSw


One day in gta online takes 48min i guess we have a proximately 12 complete cycles to go x55 positions are ..days to go. (If cycle continues) so do the math. 


The complete cycle in online will take 49,5days in real live. 27x55x48/60/24


Be sure to have a good save file. Gold medals epsilon altruist c.o.m etc etc. I tested 3 save games two with gold medals had rain. The one i am still working on the medals not, Yet hopefully!


edit: At this moment the online time line does not continue as far as i know. Maybe it is possible if you could keep an lobby online for 49 days real life. But i’m not sure.

Edited by Technosjaak

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He Guys,


What a unbelievable Big puzzle.. testing again and again and get pushed back again. Rethink your ideas. And try again..


Sometimes you will find something (It took me again a complete new 100% save game and hundreds of hours of trying.)


In the end i found a very small thing, but it is always in plain sight. The answer is in front of US. And as you might maybe know small is Big and Big is small..


Please watch the next video for the expaination. 


Gta 5 Chiliad mystery, Big is small, small is Big



When you’ve seen the video, you have seen the yellow/special bar behaviour is controlable by acts in story mode. Franklins is easy to fix as the video shows. But Michaels is still a question for me. 


So If you’ve any thoughts or ideas please let me know. Ofcourse I have a few my self but still testing these. 






Edited by Technosjaak

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