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Nuddle King

[MP] Unlimited Guns:The Street(Remake)

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Nuddle King
Posted (edited)




The Streets of San Andreas,a city with full of gangs and crimes, When Edward comes back to his home. sees an bad things that makes The Streets trash and deadly, He decides to stop this and make it peace and create a new gang named The OG Killers,after that,they make history with his gang and makes allies and new friends with his Brother Daniel. but are they gonna only take One Streets?



Edward Johnson:The Main Character, that makes good and peace to his streets and help his friends to defeat the Knockouters of the Streets.


Daniel Johnson:The brother of Edward, a guy with intellgence mind and hyped in gang style. all the Streets afriad of him because he the son of the Great Killer:Jeray Johnson.



-Chapter 1:Cleaning The Street

Mission 1:Prologue

Mission 2:N/A

Mission 3:N/A

Mission 4:N/A

Mission 5:N/A

Mission 6:N/A

Mission 7:N/A

Mission 8:N/A

Edited by Nuddle King

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Good luck :) Seems interesting.

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Good luck boddy! :D

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Nuddle King

it's time for action. The first mission has been released everybody! Enjoy.


I am back at design, so please no disrespect or something like that, this is the remake of my first mission pack I made, they said the plot and character are poor but I remake it, I wish its better now. Thank you.


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