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Is it impossible to search for your own posts within a thread?

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Okay so I've taken this one as an example - 

When on that page, in the top right I click into the search box and in this search box I type my username, Gaffa. Then I tick the box for "Search In: This Topic" and when i click search, the only results that are returned is where my name, "Gaffa" has been mentioned, but none of my posts are shown. 


So if I now choose the "More Search Options" thing, I can now do a "Search By Author" but the problem is, I'm not allowed to make a search without having a search term - the forum reports the error "Please enter a term to search for, or at least one tag".


As a result, there is no forum function for me to search for my own posts within a certain topic. 


If I click onto my profile and use the "See my activity", there's no way to search within my own threads and posts or to filter it out so I'm only seeing my posts from within a certain thread. I have 167 pages of posts apparently, over a span of 11 years, and there's just no way on the forum whatsoever (that I've found) to locate or recall a comment made from a past time even if it was only a few weeks ago, if a lot of posts had been made during that time. 



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Posted (edited)

I do agree with Gaffa the new search feature is a little more complex in what it needs than previous one as if you search for a user under "This Topic" option it will only bring up results from post where the user was mentioned using the @user command instead of showing the actual users post

Edited by AiraCobra

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Is bumping a thread 'a thing' in this section? I guess it probably doesn't do much (if there was an answer to my question it'd be posted), but hoping this issue can be put on the list of things to check out in the future. 

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Evil empire

I also hope this site will have one day a search engine deserving this name like the one it had before the "upgrade".

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