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NFS:Grand Theft Auto 2


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A Mod that aims to port the maps, elements and cars from Need For Speed: Underground 1 & 2 and maybe Carbon in Multi Theft Auto:

Specific Mod Features:

Explore the World on Foot - Bayview or Olympic City.

Roamable Olympic City - Visit the world of Underground 1, without having to break out of bounds! See The Daylight - The night-fallen worlds of Underground can now be explored in all their glory during the daytime, giving the mod a whole new experience
Tunable cars - The main focus will be to allow players to tune their cars and customize them as much as they want.

Me - Project leader and level design.

Requirements:Multi Theft Auto.

If you wish to help with the project i am searching for people who can:
Port cars in gta:sa
Can edit textures(mainly to add alpha channel to some textures cause i am busy)
Scripters who can work with MTA.
If you think you have the requirments and want to help drop me a pm here or contact me on discord CyberBlade#4552

Here is a preview of the mod:


You can check the mod progress on:


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That sounds cool! But it would be nice if you made it for singleplayer instead. But still cool.


I got a similar idea: Need for Speed Most Wanted on IV would have be so damn awesome!!! And also be aviable to do drive bys!

Edited by Davve95
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Amazing! And I even completed NFS: Underground and currently I am playing Underground 2. It may be good if you also made it for singleplayer.

Good luck!

Edited by DMThePro123
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I was on a NFS spree myself a few months back, enjoyed it thoroughly. All this technological advancement, yet still nothing beats the old U-U2-MW-Carbon.


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