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[REL|BETA] Storyline Enhancement Mod

Laremi Story

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The mod is just excellently modified for easier use and the fact that you can just easily delete the mod from modloader if you are switching back to the multiplayer.

You should look at this so you can further maximize the beta-vibe experience with your mod.




EDIT: The game also crashes without a crash log or message whenever I load a saved game with the mod.

Edited by Asho25
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  • 2 weeks later...

A thing that kind of bugged me is Denise appearing during "A Home in the Hills". You could change her character model to something else since killing her does not change anything and she can be already dead while completing the mission.

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Alright, All Terrain Takedown crashes after the Ammu-Nation cutscene. This is most likely due to the replacement of the gang salute when it cuts to Glen Park or something, since it crashes before it can even show me Glen Park. I kinda REALLY need to complete that mission, or at least skip it and enable gang wars. Please, for the love of God, someone help.

Edited by Datalvarezguy
Messed formatting
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On 9/2/2018 at 8:58 AM, Proreiz said:

All-Terrain Takedown mission is stopped working!

If it makes you feel any better, you ain't the only one, bumping you to see if mod creator can push a "no custom missions" patch or something to fix this".

Edited by Datalvarezguy
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So since All-Terrain Takedown crashes most of the time (albeit it seems to be possible to avoid the crash, hence why it's random for some people), here's a fix 😃




The mission was using some models (BALLAS3) which were not loaded in advance, hence if you have not loaded them on your own first (by seeing this particular model in the city) it would crash. Weasel model was also loaded kinda wrong, so I corrected that too, just in case.

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by the way there was one wang cars mission where you steal a jester but after finishing the mission a savanna appears instead of a jester deezire fixed it in his mod can you do it too ?

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Has anyone here been able to complete St. Mark's Bistro? Because Rosenberg isn't calling me, and I've completed every single mission required for that call.



EDIT. Okay, I have tried far and wide, took off all other mods and sh*t, its this one. You gonna have to check what happened, because that ONE phonecall needed to continue the story has poofed. Dunno why, and I have tried repeating high noon and even went further behind, nope. Loving the mod thro, it's just a bummer that one thing got messed up.

Edited by Datalvarezguy
Clarification to make it clearer.
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I love this mod but I'd like to increase the amount of money I have to pay to the Truth for the mission "Are you going to San Fierro?". Does somebody know which value I have to increase to have him pay 25'000$ like in TTDISA instead of 10'000$?

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- OG Loc will be in his Burger Shot outfit at the end of the mission (OGBURG)

did deezire do that too or no ? also why not change little weasel to beta ballas3 to match voice ?

also you should recommend the police bikers overhaul mod by deezire because you restored the unused motor officers in missions 

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 8/16/2018 at 12:42 AM, betapl said:

That mod is awsome. may be add temple and seville gang (friendly gang) ? In mission fish in barrel you can add something escort Ran Fa Lee or something that.

umm i do not think he will add gang 9 and 10 as it is mainly about missions and not about stuff like that 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Damn I really need version with Silent's fixes without these new added missions from TTDISA because they don't work fine for me....

Edited by Makaveli_In_This
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I have a suggestion, what if you also add graffiti San Fierro Rifas, and also you could do that in the first mission of the game you have to drive to the cemetery instead of jumping directly to the next scene cut, as in the beta version

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