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GTA Loyalty

GTA Online: The Fleeca Job Remake in DYOM

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GTA Loyalty

Hi everyone! My name is GTA Loyalty, I'm a DYOM Maker since 2012 and Welcome to my new project: the GTA San Andreas: Heists (GTA Online Heists Remake in DYOM)

This time I give you The Fleeca Job, Lester contact the players to organize and execute a Heist, in the Fleeca Bank.

In this Storyline you just have to install, save/load your progress and play. You don't need to have that annoying work of loading every mission or re-play every mission, EVERY time.


  • Original Soundtrack from GTA Online Heists while you play. You not only will see the action, you will hear it too.
  • Original voices from the characters. You will be able to hear Lester, Paige, and Eddie Toh by radio or "face-to-face"
  • Cutscenes from the Heist. Lester will tell you what to do and what not to do in the cutscenes during this storyline.
  • Weapon Customizing. (Mode that I made) Before you play Kuruma and The Fleeca Job it selfs, you will able to SELECT YOUR OWN WEAPONS for the missions: explosives, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, snipers, and shotguns.
  • Lowpoly version. This can be disappointing or a really good thing for you guys, but this remake has original skins, cars, weapons, and stuff FROM GTA SA, not from GTA Online. This has been made for Low-end PC (basically mine's)
  • Elite Challenge. I putted a little challenge for players that are looking for more, and it's the Elite Challenge. Consist in finish the Heist Finale in 4:20 or less (You'll have a Timer that indicates you how much time you have) You will not win nothing, this is just for fun.
  • Loading Screen. This is a Intro Mission that let you load your game every time you start to play, without the necessity of seen an annoying cutscene or something like that.


  • After finishing the cutscenes, it is possible that the screen turn in black, to solve this; you just have to load the game again and then skip the scene.
  • The same thing can happen in the final scene of the heist finale, where the helicopter "takes the Kuruma". The screen can turn black and this can be really annoying, but the only solution is that, restart the mission.











The download link is on my channel, in my Fleeca Job video, with the tutorials and stuff.

Here is the video: 

But if you have some issues with the links and that, here is the link [ENGLISH VERSION]http://zipansion.com/1YAae

And just for be sure, here is the [SPANISH VERSION]http://zipansion.com/1YAbe

Thanks for passing!

Edited by GTA Loyalty
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no mames gta loyalty :v ahora en gtaforums

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it was good, accurate at most places though the cutscene glitch is annoying but it was fairly good

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