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[PS4] Raging Renegades MC | Recruiting | [16+] [RP CLUB]


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Who We Are:

We are an established motorcycle club that has been is existence since June 25th, 2017. The Club was re-branded from Exiled Sovereigns MC to Raging Renegades MC. We are not murderers and thieves, like the media would have you believe. We are not terrorists or national threats either, like the government so desperately tries to make us out to be. We are not all outlaws and criminals, like the A.M.A. has written to outcast us. We are members of your community, citizens like you. We are enthusiasts of motorcycles, it's lifestyle, and culture. We are protectors of our communities and someone you can turn to, no matter the odds or the situation. We are Raging Renegades Motorcycle Club, a brotherhood that goes beyond blood, name, or religion.


In essence we are a family of bikers who work hard to make sure our family is safe, and prosperous. We are a new club, still building a reputation and earning our respect, however, no matter the odds we will always prevail and only become stronger as times moves forward. We have already been through things in our short period of existence, and we know many more things are bound to come, but we prepare for any situation that may present itself. Some of us have been through our own personal forms of hell, and because of RR-MC, we've been strong enough to conquer them. All of this, makes us a tighter family than most other motorcycle clubs can offer, and makes ES-MC, one of the best clubs to be part of.



Our Mission:

Raging Renegades' mission is to become the most reputable and respected motorcycle club in the online community. Our focus is on loyalty, dedication, and longevity, and becoming the most respected and reputable club will aid in our focus. No matter what, we will be known and respected everywhere we go. We know respect and reputation is something that must be earned and we will let nothing stand in the way of us accomplishing our mission. This mission even carries over into our recruitment, because earning your place here will be no easy task. We want to continue our brotherhood and have no care for quantity, only quality brother that are here for the betterment of the club.


What We Do:

We party, we ride, we fight, we do anything we want, whenever we want to do it. We hold rides, shows, charities, parties, national celebrations, and even conventions to mix things up with our neighbors and friends. With that being said, our business is our own. No club business of any kind is discussed with anyone outside of the club, and we respect and defend our right to privacy. Whatever our business may be, if the public needs to know about it, we will make sure they know. We are always looking for fellow enthusiasts and free thinkers, who are searching for like minded individuals to challenge and expand their world and perception. We also offer aid to anyone who needs it and feels they have no where else left to turn.






Every single future brother and sister of this club will start their journey at exactly this spot. Hangarounds acts as a feel-out period for both the club and the recruit. The club is feeling out the new recruit to see if he or she has what it takes to become a member of the club and likewise, the recruit is feeling out the club a little so that they know if this is the club for them or not. This period typically lasts a couple weeks. It's essential as we don't want people who are just going to leave as soon as the next best thing comes along. We want brothers, people who will be here for the long run; people who will dedicate themselves to the club, people who will stand by their brother whether they're right or wrong. If you prove yourself to the club as a Hangaround, a member will approach you and offer to sponsor you to be their Prospect...


Now that you have been sponsored, things are going to get a whole lot different. No longer is the club simply "feeling you out." You are now an official Raging Renegades Prospect. You will be upheld to the same standards as every full patched member, after all that is what you're working towards becoming. First you'll begin with just a bottom rocker, but prove yourself to the club and you'll be awarded your top rocker, baring the club name. This process is designed so that the patch is earned one piece at a time. There are no time limits on being a Prospect, it takes as long as we the Patch-Holders say it takes. You will have a sponsor, it will be their job to guide you and teach you about life as a Patch-Holder and what will be expected of you. You WILLfollow every single order your sponsor gives you. He is your direct contact for any questions/concerns you have about the club. You will be pushed to your absolute limits as a Prospect. This is so the club can see how badly you want to earn your patch, to make sure you will cherish it and to ensure that if and when you finally do earn it, you'll be here for life.

Breakdown: Hangaround ==> Prospect ==> Full Patch



Finally, the last thing to note before contacting us are the club requirements for membership:

18+ is the preferred age limit, however, if you're 16 or over and can prove to us that you are mature, we might make an exception.

You must have GTA V on the PS4.

You must have a discord account so you can access the club servers.

You must have a working headset for PS4.

You must own one of the permitted motorcycles (Ask a Patch-Holder about the Motor Code).

Finally; you must speak fluent English.


Discord ID:


MC Experience:

Roleplay Experience:

What You Ride:

What You Can Offer To The Club:

Why You Want To Join:


Social club link:





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  • 4 years later...

Discord ID:Shadowskills#8674

PSN ID:lean_shadowRNG

MC Experience:2 years of experience in an MC

Roleplay Experience:N/A

What You Ride:Motorcycle 

What You Can Offer To The Club:a loyal and respectful  brother

Why You Want To Join:cuz this mc has been in the mc community for a long time and the club has experience a lot and that’s why I wanna join

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  • 3 weeks later...

Discord ID:Marty#6652

PSN ID:asianmick69

MC Experience:been hanging around the mc culture and riders for many years since i was 12. Im now 42

Roleplay Experience:dungeons and dragons. Also lots of rpgs. Some larping as well huge nerd thats also a asian redneck biker lol

What You Ride:92 harley elctra glide classic

What You Can Offer To The Club:a devoted brother who's down to do whatever it takes and necessary to make sure my brothers and my clubs safety and reputation are upheld. Im a devoted friend and family man that will bring no drama or cause it.

Why You Want To Join:been looking for a good mc to join for a while and your reputation and establishment and codes all fit what im looking for in a brotherhood. 



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