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I hate gunrunning sell missions


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so when gunrunning came out, i bought a bunker to do the research and stuff. and never got round to doing a sell mission because import/export was still a better option. but i had always been sat on a full bar of stock. and today i thought i might as well sell because its an easy 1 million. but i was wrong.


first sell mission i tried i thought this is going to be easy, 3 trucks, 5 drops each. easily done in half an hour. but little did i know that u had to do the first drop with all three trucks before going to the next. first drop took me 15 mins (i play solo). i thought f*ck this, left session to cancelled the sell mission and started another selling to blaine county this time thinking it would be much easier. but no, i had 15 minutes this time to do the same amount of drops in monster trucks. so i quit this one too. and every sell mission i got after this one was impossible solo, i had ruined my sell stat and also wasted a load of stock. as well as wasted an hour of my time.


and then to try and fix my stats, because having low stats is one thing that really bothers me in games. i shut down my business thinking it would reset the stat, but no. it just wiped my full bar of supplies clean. i was furious. and now i need to buy a new controller.


is it just me or is this a dumb ass featured on rockstars end? every other business has sell missions that are all possible solo. but gunrunning doesn't. its not fair on us solo players that just want to grind but can't. there should be a system in place where the game knows your solo and will give u extra time / less drops. 


and before anyone asks, i don't play with other players because full session/players themselves are just risky and big liabilities. its also so unfair to have people making your money for you and only getting 5k for themselves, i'd feel guilty having people help me for this little of a reward.


sort yo sh*t rockstar, you're killing your own game 


rant over. 

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Buy supplies. When they run out it'll be 1 vehicle's worth. Simples. Also b&m.

Edited by whywontyoulisten
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Never go over 200k if you want a chance doing a sale solo.

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