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GTA 3/VC Audio (Replacement audio glitch)


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Now for this one... I don't even know how to use it fully. But let me tell you, I tried replacing an audio in sfx.sdt with the program: gta3audio.exe .. Aka GTA 3/Vice City Aduio editor.


I tried replacing then the file sfx00048 for the bomb explosion sound effect, with my own .wav file. I replaced it successfully and rebuilding the file, but what I get for an result is an

(WEIRD BLANK SOUND PLAYING AND NEVER STOPS UNTIL YOU GO AWAY OR LOAD THE SAVE GAME AGAIN.) I'm not sure why the hell it happens, but please... I'm not an expert at using this program. So I just need help replacing the file I have, with the other bomb explosion file. (sfx00048)


Please, tell me what to do to fix this weird sound for a result that I get when playing the game.


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