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Early GTA 3 Screenshots were FAKED

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Okay, not really faked, but they were heavily edited.


Now, i don't know about you, but i always thought that something about those old screenshots were weird:


For example, take a look at this screenshot


As you can see it looks very.. rounded? and the edges look like they are "fading" into the rest of the image


A better example


Now, low resolution games have tons of aliasing But then i tough, what if they just edited the image to make it look less jaggy? 

So i took an image with PS2 resolution that looks jagged, just like the actual game and i tried to paint around the sides of things


And this is the resul : Now bear with me, i did this in 5 minutes. The one on the left is the one i worked on and i only did the two characters in the picture, but if you look closely at claude's lags they look just like the early screenshots.


So i think that to make the screenshots more impressive and less jagged they just painted around the most important things. it also makes sense when you notice that the effect is more or less noticeable depending on the screenshot itself. 


So what do you think? 

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They are not faked, they are jus pre-rendered scenes (not gameplay screenshots). It's a common thing in game advertizing. You can put much more effects (also more realistic) when you are rendering a single frame or a short trailer since you don't need to do it in real time. That's why usually back then game trailers and pre-release screenshots looked better than the game itself.

Edited by stef_92

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Yes surprise! Sure they were heavily edited, that's how game industries works with advertising to bring gamer's attention or to pre-order early.

About those pictures I think it's in beta stage not finished product (more like sneak peeks with edits).

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They're not pre-rendered and they're not heavily edited either. It's just a bit of post-processing. Very common.

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