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If E3 doesnt deliver a massive info dump about RDR2 SP and Online, should we be scared?

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When I first read Ultimate edition offerings, I was like, YEAH, IM IN! But now common sense has settled back in. Ive invested maybe $300-$400 on Sharkcards for GTAO over its life. Buying both the PS3 and PS4 versions. I keep picking it up and playing online mostly alone these days because its easy to pick up and screw around, and Ive got so much invested in it now, I feel I need to keep playing occasionally to get my moneys worth. Even though the racing that I wanted to be most a part of, and the reason I plunked down for cards to buy cars, has totally faded and disappointed at this point. If Im being smart, maybe I shouldnt bother ever investing one extra dollar into RDR Online. I barely touched RDR1 online, mainly because of the icons showing for everyone and not letting you just get lost in the little old west map. 


Rockstar, if they HAVE a brain for marketing, have to realize there is a BILLION TON Elephant of skeptical players for Online this time. They NEED to be giving assurances of what online will be this time, and what SP will be this time, to have half the success of GTAV. They think they can keep producing a crap ton of lame modes for online and thats keeping the game going. But their overpriced/inflation economics decisions of online will come home to roost to deter success for the next online world they want to build and profit from. Lack of forethought and ripping off customers in V will greatly hurt long term sales in RDR.  They made the few players like me willing to buy cards pay for the sins of the glitchers that ripped them off. I have never cheated once for even 1 dollar in GTA V online. Always scared of getting banned. But now I see they dont ban anyone really. So I''ll take part in RDR online glitches if I can. 


They better be showing up and OVERSHARING at E3, or the fear from players will lock in, and its going to be a financial dude in comparison to V. Rockstars credit as a publisher that can do no wrong, and you should buy all their games Day 1 is OVER. We're smarter and more skeptical now, and thats their fault. 

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Rockstar don't do E3, they do their own thing.

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Rockstar don't need E3, and I wouldn't expect them to show much there if anything at all. That said, I don't think this needs its own thread when we've been discussing E3 stuff in the general discussion

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