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Android version. Game crashes after a while.


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Hello. I believe there are many people with this problem. My game constantly is crashing. 5-10 minutes of playing and it exits to the homescreen without any pop up info. 

Game is original, from Google Play, my phone is pure stock, not modified. 

It's Honor 10 with Android Oreo.

I hope there is something to do about it, like fix for pixelated textures. Please, if anybody have a solution - share it. I love this game, but I can't play it normally.

Edited by Gwozdek
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You are right about many others having that problem. I have that problem too.


I have the Windows Store version on a Windows 8.1 tablet. On Windows, several save files will crash my game if I load them first and I look at the Johnson house when exiting from it. Despite having the same save files, this never happens to me on my Android devices. My game also randomly freezes after several minutes and although peds are not pixelated, lots of clothes, especially pants, will have weird pixels.


Because of Windows 8.1, modding is impossible on the Windows Store version. Save files are the only thing that I can replace. Only mods that are saved to the save files can be used on the Windows Store version.

Edited by Male01
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GTA San Andreas for iOS got update for iphone X and the android version is still not updated from March 2015. Android version is buggy and I think rockstar will never fix it.


Meanwhile, you can try creating some space in your phone internal storage to see if it works.

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Then you can try uninstalling zapya as that have worked for me in past or you can try lowering graphics quality or downloding v1.06 apk. 

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