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GTA TLAD FanFiction: Bikers vs. Skateboarders

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This fanfiction takes place one month before the events of GTA IV and EFLC in March 2008. Billy Grey is currently in rehab. Meanwhile, Brian Jeremy, Angus Martin, and numerous members of the Lost MC are just chilling in the clubhouse. Johnny Klebitz, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, Jim Fitzgerald, and Jason Michaels all agreed to drive their motorcycles to the outdoor basketball court. There, they find five punks riding their skateboards. "Damn skaters hogging our space!" says Jason. "I can't stand these guys! They're all just the same!" says Terry. "Don't worry! I'll handle it!" says Johnny. He and the other four get off their motorcycles and walk up to the skateboarders, with Johnny in front. "Hey! Get off the court! Me and my brothers in the Lost came here to play basketball!" says Johnny. The skateboarders' brilliant response? "Who do you think you are? The LCPD?" They then laugh at their corny "joke". "I'LL BREAK YOUR F*CKING SKATEBOARD WITH MY BIKE!" yells Jim. Johnny holds him back and says "Listen, punk asses! Here's the deal! If you beat us in basketball, you get to ride your skateboards all over the place. But if we win, you're gonna have to take your skateboards, pack your bags, and get your  liberal pussy asses out of here!" "DEAL!" says the supposedly lead skateboarder. Johnny passes the basketball to Clay Simons who runs and makes it in! "I may be old but I've still got it!" says Clay. Jason then makes a shot but a skateboarder rebounds and makes a shot. Another skateboarder makes a shot, tying the game. Terry makes a shot, putting the bikers in the lead. The next shot is made by a skateboarder. The one after that is one by Jim. The next shot is made by a skateboarder. Right as Johnny is about to steal the ball from a skateboarder, the skateboarder knocks him down to the ground. Clay, Terry, Jim, and Jason help him back up and sit him on the bench. Clay yells at the skaters "YOU F*CKING ASSHOLES!" A little blood is drawn on Johnny as a result and he is breathing somewhat heavily. "Come on, Johnny! You can't let those hipsters get away with that sh*t!" says Jim. Johnny then stands up and says "You're right! Come on guys! Let's kick their asses!" The skateboarders don't even score again and all five Lost MC members do! The five bikers celebrate their victory. Johnny then yells at the skaters "GET OFF THE COURT! YOU HEARD ME! GET OFF!" The other four are shouting "WOOO!!!" 

Edited by ThatBenGuy

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