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Why does this game get criticized so much due to a missing swimming feature?

El Penguin Bobo

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El Penguin Bobo

In my opinion, swimming in Vice City is unneeded and irrelevant. Why does R* need to add a swimming feature if they added boats/speedboats to help you explore the ocean which obviously faster than swimming? Also, don't you guys think that it's a bit too early into the 3D universe to even have a swimming feature?

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Algonquin Assassin

A swimming mechanic would've helped those awkward moments when you try to get on a boat, but miss it and instantly drown. It didn't need underwater diving, but swimming like GTA IV and VCS would've been more than enough.

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It never bothered me infact having peds that couldnt swim was fun, i used to punch them and knock them into the water just to watch them drown, the actual animation for this was good for the time.

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I think the biggest kick in the teeth for me was being surrounded by (at the time) gorgeous beaches and not being able to run in like a romantic novel and take a dip. I have literally everything else - palm trees, Hawaiian shirt, stylish towels to steal. The environment literally beckons us in, but the moment you try to even so much paddle in the sea you flail like a beached trout. The only aquatic respite we get is playing digital keepy-uppy in another man's swimming pool. GTA III gets a pass because the water surrounding Liberty City looks about as inviting as Morrisey's birthday party. I would rather defecate in my hands and clap than stick a single toe in that disgusting slurry.


In addition, hiding a man killed by cement shoes is cruel when we're only offered the opportunity to see it via boat... which are so difficult to board naturally it isn't worth it.

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El Penguin Bobo

I think the reason why there wasn't a swimming feature is because R* maybe didn't have the budget/proper game engine to add a swimming animation. It was supposed to be a revamped GTA 3 with improved animations. Vice City and GTA 3 had similar animations and in GTA 3, you couldn't swim either.

Edited by xXPinguXx

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It would be better if I could swim and get back to land all those times I end up with my car on the water.

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I'm sorry but I think that Dan Houser quote is absolute trash. It isn't a swimming game, no, but it's also not an ice cream selling simulator. Why even give us the option to buy properties? This isn't Monopoly! You're not telling me that they only added the ability to swim because of fan outcry? Think of what kind of game we would have ended up with when V was released but touching any amount of water was instant death. Of all the inane, pointless rubbish to be added, but swimming was that low on their priority list that they didn't even think it was necessary?


Just to clarify, I'm not calling you out saying you made the quote up. I 100% believe he said it, I just think his reasoning is bollocks.

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Swimming didn’t really bother me much at all. I was enjoying the atmosphere at night too much!

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Evil empire

The fact Tommy can't swim is not a big problem but having a so large beach, so much water around the city and no mean to enjoy the water outside of a boat is weird.

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I don't remember there being any elements to swimming. I think San Andreas, or since 4? It was just what it was at the time, you go in the water and you die. So these men at the time couldn't swim? It would've been useful going towards a boat, if on a boat. Or being knocked off by a wave. But since lll, operating a boat made more sense to at least swim too. It was what it was, but had the ability to operate a boat. While you can swim in 5 and even be chased and eaten by Jaws, other people on a boat that you knock into the water can't be eaten by Jaws either. 

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I think the problem people see in not being able to swim in Vice City is not it preventing the player from exploring undersea/swimming from one island to another, but instead drowning so easily by simply touching the water. Like, in San Andreas, I don't often see people swimming for fun or exploration purposes, but only when you accidentaly fall on the water and try to get on shore again.


Dying from a bike fall or stuff like that by landing on the water gets annoying sometimes.

Edited by SorveteQuente
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One of the main problems with no swimming is probably the fact you're in a city based off Miami, Florida aka "The Sunshine State" with a beach the entire size of the East Island which is basically rendered useless by the fact a few steps in water will kill you fairly quickly. The only times I've ever personally had a gripe with not being able to swim is either some awful pedestrian AI knocking me off the PCJ, or the rare occasion in which a boat flips over. Getting into boats isn't really a hassle as aslong as you're somewhat close to it you can just warp into the boat by pressing enter, and getting out isn't too bad either as a few of the places (ie Boatyard, Marina) will warp you back to land if you accidentally fall in.


The more I think about it the more I realize Vice City was a very rushed almost half assed job, I know it was originally meant to be a III DLC and came out relatively quick but alot of the missing features, game flaws etc really come to light when you think about it, yet I still enjoy Vice City more than any other GTA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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