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How To: Submit a Save N Play Request


Recommended Posts

How To: Submit a Save N Play Request

If you're struggling to complete a mission in GTA San Andreas, you can submit a Save N Play Request and have another member of GTAForums help you out and complete the mission for you!

Upload Your Save
You'll first need to locate your Save File and upload it to a File Sharing Website. It is recommended that you upload your Save File to GTASnP.com for Save N Play Requests, which supports Save Files for various versions of GTA San Andreas. Check out the Save File Naming and Locations Page for information on what versions are supported and where Save Files are stored.

Create a Request Topic
After uploading, create a request topic in the Help and Support Forum to let other users know that you need help. You can do this by clicking the "Start new topic" button in the top right of the forum, or by clicking this one below:

When creating your request topic, be sure to use this format for your Question Title:

[SnP] Mission Name [Version]

[SnP] - This indicates that the question is a Save N Play Request, you do not need to change this.
Mission Name - Change this to the name of the mission or activity that you are requesting help for.
[Version] - Write the platform you're playing GTA San Andreas on here. If you're using PC, specify whether you're using V1 or V2 scripts. If you're unsure of what scripts you're using, upload your Save File to GTASnP.com and check the "Script/SCM Version" under Save Information on the Save File Page.

Here are a few examples of how a Save N Play Request Title should look:

Once you've filled in the title, provide some information in the content box of what you need help with and any additional requests or notes, along with the link to your save file. When you've provided the information, click on 'Submit Topic' to post it to the Help and Support Forum.

Now all you need to do is wait until another forum member offers to complete the request. Be patient when waiting for the request to be completed, another forum member may not be able to see to your request immediately, but this doesn't mean that is being ignored. Regularly bumping your question and showing impatience will result in your request being locked.

Completing Requests
If you have GTA San Andreas and would like to help complete Save N Play Requests, browse through the Help and Support Forum and look for any unanswered Save N Play requests that match the platform you're playing on. When you've found a request you think you can help out with, post in the topic that you're willing to help out. A simple "I'll do it" will be enough to let both the user and any other helpers know that you're completing the task.

Download the save file and then complete the mission that the user has asked for.  If you own GTA San Andreas on PC but notice the PC Save File linked uses a different Script Version to the one you are using, you may still be able to complete the request by changing the Script Version of the Save File to the version you are using in the "Modifications" drop down menu on the GTASnP.com Save File Page before you download:

Once you've completed what the user requires, save the game and upload the save file back to GTASnP.com. After you've uploaded, scroll down the Save File Page and copy the 'Helper BBCode' code.
Then go back to post you made in the request topic, edit and paste in the Helper BBCode and complete any empty fields. Make sure you mention any important information about what you've completed. If you've modified the script version of the save, it is preferable that you convert it back to the original script version, or make sure you clearly state what you've changed it to and how to change it back so that the user requesting help doesn't download your save and find it not working on your game.

I hope that everyone gets the help that they need :)

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