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RDR2 Created Jobs should only let WINNERS Vote

Winners only voting?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Winners only voting?

    • Winners only Voting
    • Everyone gets a vote still, even sore losers

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There is a tremendous amount of good jobs rotting away in GTAV. Primarily because the reputation of created content was ruined by craptastic creators and their poor quality jobs. The truly great creators who spend tons of hours crafting quality work get ignored because no one trusts created content hardly. If there was a better way to make created stand out, the created work could and should get more plays than Rockstars mostly miss jobs. 


To better make that happen, great work should get to shine faster. And it could shine faster if only WINNERS get to vote on the job quality, thumbs up, down, or no vote. Im sick and tired of poor losers downvoting mine and others great work JUST because you lost. The winners, whether they be single or a team, are the most reliable source to gauge how good the job was. Many times Ive won a job I played and either no voted or thumbs downed because it was bad or needed significantly more polish. When the creators see only winners down voting their work, theyll know the job needs more polish, if they are capable of it. 


Jobs should also show their winners approval rating when they pop up. Not sure how thats going to happen without cell phones, but you know what I mean. Maybe a telegraph sound plays when a job pops up, and you can go into your menu to read it, as if you had went to the telegraph office. 


But its time the sore losers stop bringing down the wonderful content that the best community creators provide. 

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I know many downvote just because they're bitter. But many times I've lost, but fully enjoyed the job. Even after bumpy races, many still vote positive in GTA:O. More than downvote through rage, IMO.

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I still don't really know how voting in GTA works. Does it calculate all the variables or when I down vote am I downvoting that job entirely? For example I'm pretty much always gonna downvote non-contact/catchup races. Am I just downvoting the entire track or that specific race type?


Either way, making it so that only the Winners' opinions are valid sounds like a horrible idea.

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I've never understood why people downvote when they've had a rough match or whatever. Isn't it pretty obvious that the vote should reflect the job as such? If I try a user created race and the checkpoints are all over the place - I downvote. Because the job is sh*t. If on the other hand, I play a race and I get pushed off the circuit - then I still upvote the race if the race was well made.


Anyone understands this. It's not like the game goes "oooh I see u were at 2nd place until the end of the 3rd lap and then you and three other players bumped into each other so the downvote is here to reflect the fact that you don't like carrots and lets take into consideration millions of other parameters as well because we really can't"


But no, people have to be stupid. "Hurdurrd I chose the wrong car for this circuit, but I can't admit it was my fault so I'll just express my disappointment with a thumbs down >:("


Btw, I always upvote - I'm so used to doing it that I sometimes do it even though the job's broken.

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Posted (edited)

I was thinking about this and how the job creator could be improved.  The amount of likes should have nothing to do with if a job is promoted.  The vast majority of liked jobs are terrible on social club in GTAO. The current system does need a revamp.  Maybe ranking creators, the actual user, should allow these high rated users more access to better tools to build jobs.  Or R* needs to pay reviewers to give semi offical opinions on user created jobs, maybe like 2 or 3 employees that play the game like a fan. 


I am guessing they thought of that and instead just create adversary modes nonstop.  Its actually probably not as bad for a person to just create another mode rather than wade mindlessly through the utter trash of user created races/dms. 

Edited by GenericGTAO

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Simply Logic
Posted (edited)

I know what it’s like to be a winner. I have a rockstar verified creation

Edited by Simply Logic

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