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[GTA SA] Guide for making car sound mods


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On 6/9/2018 at 2:25 PM, Walter Clements said:

Want to start making some car sound mods? This is just the tutorial for you. (I also just felt like writing one, so I wouldn't also forget how to, heh)


It's actually fairly easy to do. Don't be intimated by the length of this post.


1. Open your source video game. Mute all of the other sound effects (music, tire noise, environment noise, etc) except for the engine sound in the game's options. (Alternatively, you can also grab a youtube video that meets the requirements below)

       Then open Audacity. Hit record (R) and record these:

  •     Idle Sound
  •     Revving
  •     Acceleration
  •     Top speed sound
  •     Deceleration


  (To be able to record game audio, head to the section that has 4 drop-down menus [in the bottom of the toolbar]

   Set the 1st box to Windows WASAPI, the 2nd box to your main output device, usually called Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) (loopback), the 3rd to 2 (Stereo) Recording Channels, and the 4th should be the same as the 2nd one [without loopback])



2. Stop the recording, set the Project Rate (Hz) to 32000 (can be found in the bottom left corner), and highlight these things one by one, saving a sound (please read #2a first before saving) before highlighting another:

  •     Idle sound (if the samples look like this then you can amplify it using the volume slider in Effect>Bass and Treble until it looks something like this)
  •     Revving
  •     Acceleration (do one gear only!)
  •     Top speed sound or simply the final gear sound (this one is very tricky to get it right!)
  •     Deceleration


 quick tips, if you hear audio pops (using shift+space [repeat highlighted audio]), then zoom in into the front and end of the selection until you see dots (individual samples) or just a nice, single line

  then make sure that both the front and end dots are aligned to the "equator" (the line in the middle)



    Then, export the sounds one by one and by this order:


    Bank_xxx (refer to #3 for naming the banks)

        sound_001.wav - Revving sound

        sound_002.wav - Idle sound


    Bank_xxx (refer to #3 for naming the banks)

         sound_001.wav - Hard acceleration sound (just one gear)

         sound_002.wav - Top speed sound

         sound_003.wav - Deceleration sound


 2a. Export the highlighted sound by selecting File>Export>Export Selected Audio, and export it as a Mono, WAV (Microsoft) Signed 16-bit PCM.

            To convert Stereo to Mono, do the following steps shown in the images below (just click on the images to make them HUGE, done this to make the post more compact)








    Make sure to clear the metadata tags even when there are none.



3. Decide what car sound group it would replace. Here's the list:


    Bank_001 & 002 - Bravura, Cadrona, Elegy, Euros, Merit, Mesa, Nebula, Previon, Primo, Solair, Uranus, ZR-350

    Bank_010 & 011 - Bullet, Glendale, Trashed Glendale, Oceanic, Tornado

    Bank_019 & 020 - Cabbie, Fortune, Intruder, Picador, Sunrise, Vincent, Willard, Yosemite

    Bank_026 & 027 - Bus, Coach, DFT-30

    Bank_028 & 029 - Broadway, Hermes, Remington

    Bank_031 & 032 - Alpha, Buffalo, Hotring Racer, Hotring Racer A, Infernus

    Bank_034 & 035 - HPV1000, Wayfarer

    Bank_039 & 040 - Blade, Buccaneer, Clover, Sabre, Savanna, Stallion, Voodoo

    Bank_041 & 042 - Quadbike, Sanchez

    Bank_055 & 056 - Kart, Mower

    Bank_057 & 058 - Caddy

    Bank_062 & 063 - Combine Harvester

    Bank_064 & 065 - Bloodring Banger, Monster, Monster A, Monster B

    Bank_069 & 070 - BF Injection, Hotknife, Hustler, Slamvan

    Bank_074 & 075 - Barracks, Dune, Enforcer, FBI Truck, Flatbed, S.W.A.T., Trashmaster

    Bank_077 & 078 - Benson, Cement Truck, Dumper, Fire Truck (both types), Linerunner, Packer, Rhino, Roadtrain, Tanker

    Bank_080 & 081 - Admiral, Elegant, Emperor, Police (all 3 types), Premier, Sentinel, Stafford, Stratum, Stretch, Sultan, Taxi

    Bank_082 & 083 - Dozer, Tractor, Walton

    Bank_086 & 087 - Blista Compact, Club, Esperanto, Feltzer, Flash, Jester, Majestic, Tahoma

    Bank_088 & 089 - Bobcat, Greenwood, Manana, Moonbeam, Perennial, Regina, Romero, Sadler, Trashed Sadler, Tampa, Virgo, Washington

    Bank_092 & 093 - FBI Rancher, Huntley, Landstalker, Patriot, Rancher (both types), Ranger, Sandking

    Bank_094 & 095 - Hotring Racer B, Phoenix, Windsor

    Bank_096 & 097 - Banshee, Cheetah, Comet, Super GT, Turismo

    Bank_108 & 109 - Bandito, FCR-900

    Bank_118 & 119 - BF-400, NRG-500, PCJ-600

    Bank_130 & 131 - Ambulance, Berkley's RC Van, Burglar Boxville, Burrito, Journey, Mule, Newsvan, Pony, Securicar, Towtruck, Utility Van

    Bank_133 & 134 - Freeway

    Bank_135 & 136 - Regular Boxville, Camper, Hotdog, Rumpo, Yankee


4. Install the sounds by using either modloader or SAAT. But, I really recommend you install it with modloader as it is incredibly easier.

       Make a new folder inside the modloader folder and name it to anything. Place the 2 Bank_xxx folders inside the folder you created.


5. Launch the game and enjoy your new sounds.

       Better spawn your car or steal one!


Just reply to this thread if you have problems with making car sound mods using my guide. (since it's my responsibility?)


Yo wassup i have problem it doesnt make my sound in game i readed all comments about that but still doesnt work 

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10 hours ago, harryonly1 said:

Yo wassup i have problem it doesnt make my sound in game i readed all comments about that but still doesnt work 

hello, can you upload your sounds and post the link here? dm also works..

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  • 1 month later...

Bro can we separate sound files for Example:

   Bank118 and Bank119 contains pcj,bf,nrg, so can we separate those into individuals?? Like pcj for one Bank and bf for one Bank like that.

Edited by Devsiva
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