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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack (Box Set)

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This topic is about the GTA VC 7-CD Soundtrack (also known as GTA VC Soundtrack Box Set) sold in stores and online for some years since 2002 .

It was produced by Rockstar Games in collaboration with Epic Records .


Description : this box set contains 7 CDs and 93 songs from all the radio stations of the game (but it doesn't include K-Chat and VCPR , since those are stations don't play music) . Each CD comes in its jewel case , and the 7 jewel cases are inserted into a nice box , where they fit perfectly . Every CD includes its own booklet which tells you some facts about the radio stations and the deejays , along with some quotes .


Rarity : Common .


Price : depends from the condition (60-80 Dollars for a used one and up to 150 Dollars or even more for a sealed one) .


Side note : back when Rockstar Games sold this box set you could also buy each CD individually .


Trivia : this box set might have been created before the game's final release , since the Flash FM CD contains "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey , "Running With The Night" by Lionel Richie , "Hold The Line" by Toto (later included in GTA SA) and "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" by Boys Don't Cry ; while the Wave 103 CD contains "Japanese Boy" by Aneka .


At the end of the second commercial of every CD (apart from the Wildstyle one) there are some secret voice lines and funny situations , like Lazlow getting fired and destroying the V-Rock studio or Fernando Martinez not getting paid and getting angry at his manager .


Known GTAForums members that own this item : KevDurden , ChengizVlad09 .


If you also own this item and would like me to add you to the list just leave a reply stating that you own it .


Edited by Guest
Missing Information
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4 hours ago, Helegad said:

I picked this bitch up in South Korea the other week, sealed in shrinkwrap. Best find ever. :D

Wait? new?? In what type of place has this. You lucky  f*ck. 

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60,000 won, so $75 AUD. Dirt cheap m8


... and JP San Andreas: The Introduction, also in shrinkwrap!


... and a bunch of other excellent soundtracks :D




Over there, there's so much fashion-oriented shopping, and endless places to get food and new phones, it's insane. There's no such thing as EB Games. I had to Google a place to do my shopping:




Lucky it was only a few kilometers from my hotel. Walking through this place was a wet dream. A bunch of the stuff I saw for sale included Pocketstations, Saturn VCD decoders, a stack of first-press Biohazard Code Veronicas with the fancy red cardboard slipcase, stacks upon stacks of JP games for every JP console ever made, and this guy up near the entrance that had a limited edition Biohazard 4 PS2 with a big book and a steel penlight. He gave me a stern "NO" when I went for a gentle flick through the book, so I put it all back and then saw a fruit box jutting out a bit from under his display case... that's where everything in the picture came from. I would have gotten a credit card before I went over there if I knew what was in that box beforehand.

Edited by Helegad
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4 hours ago, Helegad said:

60,000 won, so $75 AUD. Dirt cheap m8


... and JP San Andreas: The Introduction, also in shrinkwrap!

A real deal , in this case ! Congrats ! 👍

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