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More problems...


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Hi again. I don't know if this topic goes here, but that's not the point (or not the main, I guess).



Well, I've a problem with my map that arises in some of my models (specifically in the COL file). I've made a GIF that explains it better.



I'll explain it: the problem is (again) the invisible wall. This time, it's traspasable to the player, but solid to the bullets. My models are done in SketchUp Pro 2017*, and converted to COL with Kam's GTA Scripts in 3ds Max.


*I made two versions in SketchUp: the detailed one, that is used to the model, and one less detailed and without textures, used to the collision file.

NOTE: This only happens with some models. I remade them a lot of times, but problem persists.



Another common problem that happens in my map, is some type of "model replacement".

Comparison in-game vs. Map Editor


That white thing is an untextured mall. In second pic you can see what goes there originally. The COL model stills there, but model get replaced with an aleatory untextured model.


I'll apreciate any help.

Edited by RenDDC
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Please post images directly in the post. Having to go to multiple websites to view the images throws many people off. But anyway, You can try exporting the collision model as .3DS and import it with CollEditor. Hope it's not a game limit. As for the second one, MEd is old and not very trustworthy. Is the model sunk or rotated upside down?

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Unfortunately I don't know how to put the images directly in the post, and yeah, that's my bad.

I'm gonna try to import the .3ds file with CollEditor (I didn't even know that was posible 😅)


And for the second one, which another mapping program could I use? And plus, it's really a problem of the MEd? Because whe I check it, as much as in the MEd as in the IPL file, everything is in order. The problem is in-game, when the game loads, an aleatory white model appears, and it can happen in any building.

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With the new forum, you can paste direct image links ("like https:\\www.sh*thosting.com\image\xxx.jpg") Imgur has that option.
And as for the map editor, no, there's nothing else ever made. The Hero has made euryopa, but that's only a map viewer (atm?)

As for the white model, isn't it your building?

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The untextured model (in-game) is a mall located some streets down. The original (in MEd), is a casino, the problem is that I don't know why this happens. This had happened me repeated times, and just how it arrives, it goes. It comes from nothing and after some time, days, weeks (in real life, obviously), it goes, and the original model (this time, the casino) comes back.

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