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Game crashes if I add more than 3 car add on mods. Please help!!!!

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Posted (edited)

So I have three add on car mods that I know work fine. I use menyoo and input the model name .ytf file and they work fine. But when I add a fourth mod, replace OR add-on, my game crashes while loading up the game. I then deleted one of the three add-ons that I know work fine and replace it with the add-on that crashed the game. The game loads up fine and I can even spawn in the new car. But when I try to load up that first car that I deleted, one of the first three that I know work fine, the game crashes while loading up the game. I double and triple checke all of the location paths and they all are good, I double and triple check to make sure the dlclist is written correctly, and everything is fine. No matter what I do it seems that I can only have 3 add on or replace cars at a time. My friend has over 100 car mods but for some reason mine wont work. Please someone help me out we can't figure it out.

My system:

Cpu: ryzen 5 1600x 6 core 12 threads

Gpu: gtx geforce 1050

Motherboard: msi tomahawk

Ram: 2x 8gb ddr4 ram (16gb)

Windows 10 64 bit


Edited by flyin_hawaiianX

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Have you tried using a custom Gameconfig.xml file?

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