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cheat codes Not Working.

Lionel frank

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Lionel frank

my cheat codes is  not working and I bought the on Microsoft store 

Edited by lil weasel
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lil weasel

For what port?

Ithe Mobile version does not have cheats to save memory space.

The Other versions, do not pause the game. Just enter the code while the game is running (on console versions with the gamepad watch Carl move around).


https://www.gtasanandreas.net/cheats/xbox.php For X-Box.

NOTE:  the triggers may be reversed on the XBone.

Edited by lil weasel
added link and note.
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Why did you make a second thread for the exact same thing?


I might as well copy and paste my response for that other thread.



Congratulations. Just like me, you are the owner of the worst port of the best game.  If the Xbox 360 version wasn't bad enough, the mobile version has even more problems. If it's Windows 8.1, you are 99.9999999999999% out of luck.


There are no cheats. There are no mods.


Actually, there is only one way of modding. You are still capable of replacing save files. If you know any fuctional save editors besides XB36Hazard's or JCheater, tell me.


Here is my save game:



Several mods for Android affect save files. Unfortunately, I do not know all of the mods that previouslt affected this save. If you know them, you should also tell me.


Save files are something really powerful but the mobile save editors barely even work.


Here is a short list of how powerful save files are:




Garage vehicles

Enterable interiors




Gang turfs

Traffic zones


Vehicle spawn points

Los Santos Riots

Yay Courier

Gang hostility

Gang weapons

Ped behaviors

Prop locations

Pickup locations



Garage functions

Interiors taken to




 Ability to be wanted

The list keeps going on.



Edited by Male01
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