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Do you guys think Arthur is the best combatant overall of the gang

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which is why he is the Enforcer


i think in terms of overall combat ability (guns, fighting) he is the best?


but not the best at every individual thing


latest?cb=20180510140136&path-prefix=esCharles Smith (in the trailer is the one that is punching that guy in the fight club) is probably a greater H2H fighter than Arthur




Micah Bell, i theorize, could be a greater marksman than Arthur, as he is one of Dutch's favored gunmen




but Arthur is still the best overall



Edited by greenrock

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Probably John Marston is the best combatant overall considering he butchers the whole mexican army by himself with only a sh*tty old peacemaker in RDR

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Uncle gonna kick errbody's asses

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16 hours ago, BretMaverick777 said:


Uncle gonna kick errbody's asses

While drunker than Cooter Brown!


In all seriousness, yes I believe that Arthur will be the better enforcer/strong-arm member of Dutch's gang. I also believe that each member will have their own unique skills that they offer to the table. We've seen a basic version of this in GTAV with how each protagonist were more skilled in one skill than the other two were. Trevor being the better pilot, Michael being the better marksman, and Franklin being the better driver. I believe a similar and more flushed out system will be in RDR2.

Edited by Jon Jon
Was just fishing for likes and didn't offer much to the discussion originally.

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Depends on which form of combat we are talking about. When it comes to sharpshooting, who knows? John probably hasn't fully developed his skills yet.


In fist fights? Arthur can lift a 10-point buck over his shoulder. He definitely has a strength advantage.

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I think Arthur is probably the most well rounded. Good brawler, solid duelist, good with long range weapons, good leader to go on small robberies.

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Well, technically he is, as I'll be in charge, lol.


(Trying to be funny, but I know little as yet and hope to keep it that way and reacted off the title as opposed to facts. I'm keen to learn these things from the game first then enjoy some good discussions, hopefully like GTA V, I'll learn even more then to, lol).

Edited by KWF1981

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