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Red Dead Redemption is not the masterpiece it used to be.

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Posted (edited)

The main problem I have with Red Dead Redemption is its slow first act. The ranch missions in particular were pretty slow-paced and overlong. I had the same problem with GTA IV, with those slow beginning missions.


In GTA 5 they seemed to have improved the action and pacing with the first missions, so I have hope they'll do the same for RDR2. The game starts with "a bank robbery gone wrong" after all.

Edited by TheFoxRiverFugitive

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Posted (edited)



As much as I like action too, RDR1 to me wouldn't be the same without the ranch missions. In my opinion those slow-paced missions are great too and they help make the game more enjoyable. I remember thinking it was such a shame in Max Payne 3 that we were just rushing through all the levels, didn't really give me time to reflect on the experience.


These games just get better from the slow-paced parts. I think too many games today tend to focus on making everything action-packed. But then I'm that player who actually spends time reading the books and letters of The Witcher 3 or read all diary entries on the Fallout 4 terminals etc. Sometimes I feel like I'm spending more times in the inventory/pip-boy of those games than I do actually playing the game. And I love that. :D But too each their own, of course. Just, to me, I hope RDR2 have plenty of more slow-paced parts as well as action-packed robbery sequences.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal

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