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Do you expect RDR2 to meet your expectations?

Will RDR2 meet your expectations?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. Will RDR2 meet your Expectations?

    • It will Exceed my expectations
    • It will match 100% of my expectations
    • It will match 75% of my expectations
    • It will match 50% of my expectations
    • It will match 25% of my expectations
    • It (Single player and Online) will flop so hard in my eyes, Im selling it after 1 playthrough

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I hope so. I don't like Rockstar's annoying obsession with Online bullsh*t but as long as they deliver on RDR2 I don't care.


Unlike many here I still enjoyed GTA V but it definitely could have been much better. I hope RDR2 is a real masterpiece, not just "good".

On 6/8/2018 at 1:28 PM, Typhus said:

I feel exactly the same way. The impression I keep getting from all the trailers is that this is a story we've already seen, and will probably offer very few surprises. I had really hoped it would be set during the American Civil War - a conflict at once underrepresented in gaming and pretty topical to issues in American society today. It would have allowed for a completely different gameplay experience, more interaction with Native nations - who fought for both sides, and could have been something we've never really seen before.

Instead, a lot of what we've seen feels almost completely indistinguishable from the first game. It just feels safe and unambitious.

Yeah I don't get why they chose to go the prequel route. I don't mind but at the same time we could have gotten a completely new story with new characters, different setting etc.

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Even after everything, I still have faith that R* will deliver big with red dead redemption 2. They stated in an interview that this will be more of a companion piece than an actual prequel. Godfather 2 was sort of a prequel and its known for being one of the greatest movies ever made. I look at it this way , Red Dead ''redemption'' is its own story that just so happens to be set in the years leading upto the end of the wild west. I'm sure RDR2 will come full circle and bring even deeper meaning to the first game. I look forward to seeing and knowing more about the characters we were introduced to back in 2010 in a whole new light. 10 years from now or whenever they decide to make another Red Dead game ' I'm almost certain it will have a whole new name , different storyline , timeline ect ect. 

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I think it will match my expectations and will surprise at certain moments. I hope R* will keep their focus on the story and not only on online. For example, GTA IV had a couple of DLC stories (even on disk 😮). I think RDR2 is perfect for this.

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60017 Silver Fox

If what we have all read is true then its already exceeded my expectations though I am concerned about how the game will be once I get it and the impact Online may or may not have on it.


But saying that, I enjoyed the small things in RDR like hunting, exploring and general messing around so no doubt RDR2 will keep me occupied for many weeks.


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No it won't. I think deathmatches (or gang shootouts or whatever they'll be called) will still be plagued by insane levels of lag just like GTA5 has had since 2015. 

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