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Bully FanFiction: New Bullies at Bullworth Academy

Bratva Assassin

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Bratva Assassin

Although this was only written around 2017-2018, note that it takes place in the year 2007 (after the events of the 2006 game called Bully). Now that Gary Smith has gotten expelled and Russell as well as the other original members of the bullies clique are gone, some new students are trying to take over the school! Feedback will be appreciated! Without any further ado, here they are:


1. Colton Williams: He has no relation to Norton Williams the greaser as he (Colton) is white instead of black. He is just as bad as Gary and Russell combined, if not worse. He is so mean and nasty that even the jocks and greasers fear him. Things he has done include: threatened to hit Petey, made fun of people, made very offensive racist jokes, flipped people off, hit Pinky Gauthier’s butt, kicked Ted Thompson in the knee, threw footballs at Damon West’s head, beat up all of the preppies and bragged about how much richer he is than them (even though he clearly isn’t, but it’s not like he cares), hit Brad Shaw in the back of the head with a brick, picked ending B (kill Michael) to GTA V, laughed when Trevor Philips killed Johnny Klebitz, and told Mr. Galloway to “get out of his face and die” for something he merely got in trouble for then manipulated Dr. Crabblesnitch into taking his side.

2. Colby Smith: He is a friend and henchman of Colton Williams, has no relation to Gary, and is just as bad, if not worse. He manipulates people into thinking he is a "good person" when he really is a bully who even the jocks and greasers fear. He has stolen Pinky Gauthier's water bottle and didn't give it back to her, stolen Beatrice Trudeau's books and messed with her stuff, went and told rumors about Jimmy Hopkins that weren't true, told on Petey for something he didn't do, got Algie in trouble for something he didn't do, called a crippled man a "weird freak" and laughed at him. Even though he is Colton's henchman, he is still outright evil and just as mean as he is.

3. Corey Evans: He is yet ANOTHER bully at Bullworth Academy, as if they hadn't had enough already! He has a mohawk and always has a mischievous grin on his face that's enough to make anyone wanna pop him one! He has forced Petey to call Beatrice ugly, attempted to get everyone in trouble and make them have to retake a test, tried to make Melvin O'Connor fall out of his chair, threw spit wads at Fatty Johnson, made fun of people's religions, hit a crippled man with a water bottle and showed no remorse, and almost choked out and killed Constantinos Brakus.

4. Caden Quinn: Basically a second henchman to Colton Williams. He isn't outright evil and is only Colton's secondary henchman because he is afraid of him. All he did was embarrass Beatrice in front of all the other nerds, cuss out Jimmy Hopkins, and threaten Petey. However, he sincerely apologized to all three of them. It is unknown whether he is still alive or not. He wasn't seen in the boys' dorm for awhile and when his whereabouts were asked, Colton had this wicked grin on his face while Colby said "Caden is gone and he's not coming back". This could mean that they either left him somewhere off campus to get lost, killed him, or they were just joking.

5. Alexander "Alex" Norcroft: Yep! You guessed it! Another bully at Bullworth Academy! He has gotten this new student named Caleb Trimnal in trouble a lot and was mean to him. He almost turned Caleb into a bully and even almost got him beaten up by the jocks. He also is willing to make Lola Lombardi cheat on Johnny for him. He also targets a lot of the nerds and preppies to bully.

6. Kiley Winselton: The first bully at the school to be a girl. She is a total jerk to Beatrice in the girls' dorm and a common enemy to Lola, Pinky, and Mandy alike. She was previously in the insane asylum for four years prior to becoming a student at Bullworth. She has a tattoo of a skull on her left arm that says "All will be doomed". Colton, Colby, Corey, Alex, and Kiley all have this secret cult where they get more and more people to join and become bullies.

7. Mr. Hill: The math teacher who is Mr. Hattrick's replacement. He is just as bad, if not worse than him. He is quite racist and sexist as he called Gloria Jackson "from the hood". He manipulates people into thinking he is a “funny and nice teacher” and bullies anyone who tries to report him as he doesn’t want his true identity to be known. The only students he's actually nice to are the bullies. He also keeps 1970s Playboy magazines hidden under his desk.

8. Mr. Pearson: The gym teacher who is Mr. Burton's replacement. He is worse than all of the other teachers who are bullies as he bullies them in order to turn them into such. He got Mr. Hill to become one and got Dr. Crabblesnitch to come back to being one and even worse than from before. On the bright side though, Mr. Galloway and Ms. Philips were too nice to fall for his bull. He watches porn on his computer, which he keeps hidden on a secret file entitled "My precious videos of love". Just like Mr. Hill, he bullies every student except for Colton, Colby, Corey, Caden, Alex, and Kiley.

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy
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Bratva Assassin

Here are some more new students at Bullworth Academy who came after the events of the 2006 video game called Bully. They came to the school around 2007-2008.

1. Thomas van Graaf: He’s a Dutch student who is actually friends with a Jimmy Hopkins and Petey. He has a secret crush on Lola Lombardi but is smart enough to keep it a secret from the greasers as he knows Johnny Vincent would come after him like a pack of wolves to a piece of meat. He doesn’t like Colton Williams, Colby Smith, Corey Evans, Alex Norcroft, and Kiley Winselton, at all because they all tease him by saying “Tommy wants his mommy!” He is willing to talk to the board of education about Mr. Hill and Mr. Pearson.

2. Blake Brumley: He’s a British student who is best friends with Thomas van Graaf and also friends with Jimmy and Petey. He also has a secret crush on Lola Lombardi but is smart enough to keep it a secret from the other greasers. He doesn’t get along well at all with the bullies. He is willing to testify in court with Mr. Hill and Mr. Pearson.

3. Jonathan Joseph “J. J.” Goldfeld: He’s a Jewish student. Even though he doesn’t belong to any of the cliques in particular, he often hangs out with the nerds as he shows great interest in mathematics, science, literature, and history. He also gets along with the preppies as his parents are business partners of some of theirs. He doesn’t care for the greasers or jocks but despises the bullies even more. Mr. Hill picks on him for being Jewish while Mr. Pearson picks on him for not being very athletic. Unlike most of their bullied victims, he tries fighting them, even though he mostly loses.

4. Samuel Walton: He’s a completely different person from the deceased founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club. He plans on forming the redneck clique at Bullworth. He mostly hangs out with the greasers based on the fact that he likes cars and motorcycles just like them. He also sometimes relies on them for protection. The bullies call him names such as “Nature Boy” while Mr. Hill and Mr. Pearson tease him based on the fact that he’s a hunter and fisherman.

5. Bradley “Brad” Shaw: He’s an African American student at Bullworth Academy who is friends with these other new black students named Elijah Robinson, Caleb Trimnal, Seth Pratt, and Noah Graham. He tries the best he can to stick up for them when they’re being bullied. He reported Mr. Hill but unfortunately, he didn’t get fired as Mr. Pearson convinced Dr. Crabblesnitch that Hill was innocent.

6. Winston Atticus: He’s a Bahamian student at Bullworth Academy who plans on forming the Rastafarian clique. He’s an expert at doing cornrows. He even once gave them to Lola Lombardi who actually liked it and showed it to Johnny, who surprisingly didn’t care, thinking she went to a hair stylist. Mr. Hill and Mr. Pearson stare at him whenever he walks into their classrooms. All of the bullies like to call him a weirdo and pick on him.

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Bratva Assassin

And another thing I’d like to add. Here is the Bullworth Bullhorns football team after the events of the original game. Mr. Pearson is now the head coach instead of Mr. Burton.


Derby Harrington-C

Justin Vandervelde-G

Bryce Montrose-G

Chad Morris-T

Tad Spencer-T

Ted Thompson-QB

Casey Harris-RB

Bo Jackson-RB

Kirby Olsen-WR

Colby Smith-WR

Fatty Johnson-the guy who gets hit with a football over a thousand times



Damon West-LB

Bif Taylor-LB

Gord Vendome-LB

Juri Karamazov-S

Luis Luna-S

Dan Wilson-CB

Parker Ogilvie-CB

Corey Evans-DE

Alex Norcroft-DE

Caden Quinn-DT

Samuel Walton-DT


Special Teams:

Algernon Padapolous-K

Melvin O’Connor-P

Constantinos Brakus-Mascot

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Mokrie Dela

I've merged both topics into one as they seem to be continuations of others, and there's really no need to have 2 topics on what seems to be the same thing. Private message me if you need to. Welcome to the WD, and good luck with your project. Good to see it :)

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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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