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Are we going to be able to explore the full map from the beginning or are there going to be some kind of restrictions?

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In GTA V we were able to explore the full map from the start. In RDR1 Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth were locked until certain points of storyline progression.


What do you guys think?


I think we will have restrictions most likely, since the map is going to be huge and some parts are going to be important for main story developments.

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We will almost certainly be locked out of areas initially in single player. Whats worse, to protect those areas, they will likely release Online 2-4 weeks after launch so that no one can jump the gun and explore those areas online while they are locked out of them in single player. 

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 I don't think the map will be blocked off in any way. I think certain mechanics and/or side activities will be locked until certain storyline requirements are met like in most games. I also wouldn't be surprised if we are immediately thrown into the action in a long mission/tutorial of sorts like GTA V North Yankton and that that, if anything, is what would prevent us from immediately exploring the whole map.

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Little Big Man

I expect we'll have the mountainous area immediately, the plains after that, and the Mississippi type area last of all. Then some of the gang will flee to South America and the final part of the story will play out.

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I don’t think there’ll be any map restrictions. But I guess side quests will unlock according to story progression, so there may be little reason to venture too far from where we’re ”supposed to be”.


I don’t know. I’m really just basing that on how GTAV didn’t have any map restrictions. Plus it feels like an old-gen thing to do. Back then they didn’t want us to experience too much of the game world too early but something tells me that RDR2 will be very very massive so even if you venture off for a bit and try to see the world there’ll still be tons of stuff left to explore.


Also the fact that we should provide for the camp would naturally prevent us from being too far away for too long, at least if we want to provide for our camp that is. That way the areas will open up according to where our camp moves, more seamlessly than before.


Just speculation of course.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal

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Yes its like gta it was said in the previews 

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I think the only restrictions are the land locked areas like RDR. I also read somewhere its gonna be open like V.

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If the leaked map turns out true I kind of feel like the old section of the map will be locked off in some way. Like maybe the game starts there and the new part is locked off for awhile and then we transition to the new part and the old stuff gets locked off.   

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I hope it's locked off in some way. I didn't like the map in GTA V being opened from the start. Though the geography kind of didn't give R* much of a choice I guess, but from a narrative standpoint unless R* make it so Arthur knows the entire area I wouldn't have a problem with an open map in that case.


I don't want to have an open map to go exploring if later on Arthur all of a sudden gets amnesia and forgets everywhere he's been to and acts like he's never been there before.

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I also believe there will be some restrictions. Maybe a bridge not being built yet or railroad tracks..something like that. The whole map being open would distract too much from the story I think. 



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