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Co-op in Xbox 360 HD Version?

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Wanted to know if in the 10th anniversary version, is there a co-op mode like the one in PS2? Please tell me.

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Nope, there is no co-op.


Sowwy. 😞

Edited by Awesom-0

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Co-op were present on PS3 versions, they might as well be in Xbox 360 code. Going to ask around.

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Sam Lake

Coop is not present in the War Drum version - which is the "HD" version of SA on Xbox 360 (and probably soon on xbox one) and PS3 (and microsoft store, android, ios...)

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Heard long ago that it was possible to have a 2 player free roam on the HD versions. Both 360 and Ps3  with specific missions like Burning desire with Deinse and Big smoke missions that had a red Free roam icon just like the Ps2 versions. But I never botherd to see if this was possible since the remasterd versions of SA is the least version I play with my total of three copys I own from the game.


To be a little more helpful with you here OP, check ot these tips from CheatsCC.com. It's possible in a way to play 2 player just a little more difficult compard to the PS2 version


This below applies to both the 360 version and PS3 versions of SA.







Also check out this site ---->- http://www.cheatcc.com/xbox360/grandtheftautosanandreascheatscodes.html 


Here you  can find every single original cheats available for the Xbox 360 version of SA and more tips regarding how to play 2 player free roam around LS and even in SF (San ferrio).


Hope this helps in a way OP :^:

Edited by Big_Smiley

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