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Rap artists/songs from/about your hometown.


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I'm interested in rap songs (primarily gangsta/underground) from around the world. Since I've heard allmost everything from Finland I'm more interested in anything thats not coming from Finland and US.

So i thought I'd make a thread about. 

Please tell me how to post yt videos?

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On 6/7/2018 at 8:44 AM, Nuggets said:

Please tell me how to post yt videos?

Just copy the link and post it here.




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Saw them filming this getting in from work in 2015.


Filmed at the top of my street, I recognise people, one of these rap artists lives around the corner from me, but I prefer my road/my house because, where I live is pretty pimp :D and... I see them driving around.

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Hmmm nice bike

A song from my city by a rapper from my city about the problems in my city (Chicago). I know Chance is American and isn't underground or gangsta and that doesn't seem to be what you're looking for, but f*ck it.

"Where the f*ck is Matt Lauer at?" For those familiar with Matt Lauer, this line takes on a whole new meaning now, lol.

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The Mysterious One

I am from Sacramento, California, so I know that there are some rap artists from my area.





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Not a rapper. but my friend and old roommate is max methods, he was a local producer until he got signed by Darkchild and moved to LA



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