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Connection to The Wild Bunch

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Im sure im not the first person to notice this but i havent seen anyone else bring it up. The fact that from the way things are looking right now, the plot of Red Dead 2 seems like it will have alot in common with The Wild Bunch's plot. If you havent seen it yet, i definitely recommend you do, then maybe youll see what im talking about. I also cant be the only one to notice that Arthur and Dutch's relationship is very similar to Pike's and Dutch's in The Wild Bunch, only Dutch is the right hand man and Pike is the leader.  

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Also shares a similar outlaw gang dynamic with Walter Hill's "The Long Riders" (1980), about the James/Younger Gang.   Hill played fast and loose with the historical facts about Jesse James and Cole Younger, but it's an outstanding if underrated Western, and should be required viewing for RDR2 players right before launch. 

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Little Big Man

The Wild Bunch fictionalises the history a lot, changing Butch to Dutch and Argentina/Bolivia to Mexico. It also deals with a former gang member following his old compadres into the Mexican Revolution, so I'd compare it more to Red Dead Redemption 1.


RDR2 looks more like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which keeps (most) of the facts straight, but treats everything very lightly. I'd recommend seeing this movie, if you haven't.


The early stages of RDR1, where it feels more like a classic western, have Marston chasing Bill Williamson to Fort Mercer as he succeeds in fleeing to Mexico. This is a lot like the plot of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, which has Garrett chasing Billy to Fort Sumner as he fails in fleeing to Mexico. Both The Wild Bunch and Pat Garrett are Sam Peckinpah Movies.


The whole story is similar to The Proposition, an Australian movie where a criminal is offered a pardon for turning in his (literal) brother. Rockstar themselves have pointed this similarity out.



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I posted in the wrong thread but while I'm here, yeah I can see some similarities.



Edited by 1898

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