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I want a GTA buddy. (XB1)

Joe McPlumber

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Joe McPlumber

Crews are OK in concept but i'm having a hard time finding a good fit and meanwhile, i just want to play.


I'm only 60 years old but none of my RL friends play this game. I took too many whacks to the head when i was younger so i don't talk so good, don't write so good, and my fine motor skills can be,, erratic. And occasionally i can probably be a jerk. An old jerk, who doesn't like kids on his lawn.


But most of the time i'm just a good guy who likes to play this game. I'm seeking another good guy who like to play this game. Or a gal, it doesn't matter. Neither does skill, rank, K/D, age, or political affiliation.


And by "buddy" i mean "friend" and by "friend" i mean something more than a notch in your social credentials. I want to man the guns in your Hunter or your Caracara (or any these damned vehicles that ain't no good without two people). I want us to shred things together, hunt rare cars together, rank up 2nd characters together, heist together, unlock LSC paint in long, boring races together, etc., etc..


Mic required. Must be OK with glitching but not OK with griefing or using glitch for griefing purpose, but maybe OK with using glitch to grief griefers, most especially those griefers who use glitch to grief.


Some reasonable quantity of commitment, respect, and loyalty also required. You will find you get the same in return.


XBox GT is same as my ^username. I'm on US Pacific time and play most reliably from 19:00 - whenever.


DM me.

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Modern Spartans MC

Hey, Joe!

If you're having trouble making friends in GTA Online, feel free to hang out with the Modern Spartans Motorcycle Club anytime.

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