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Same account online on different machines


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I have two digital copies of the game (Steam and RSC versions, do not ask why), and i was wondering what would happen if i try to play them both at the same time (on different PCs). I think that it would not be a problem in case they were both connected to different RSC accounts but for some reason i connected both my games to same RSC account.


Has anyone tested this thing (having same account two characters online at the same time on two different machines)?

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i think you shouldnt have no issue aslong as you dont try to log in with the same account on both computers.



didnt read the last part... 


on console, you get a message about the account already being in use, pretty sure the same thing should happen on pc.

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Well there's no harm in trying but I think it would cause issues as they are both the same account. If you had two different accounts then I think it would work fine.


If you do decide to try it, let us know how it goes just out of curiosity lol. 

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I got the PS4 and PC version of the game and use both. I can use the same RSC login on both at the same time and never had a problem due to it being seperate saves I guess.


I bet you cant do that with the same RSC on seperate PCs due to being the same save and other things.


Using a different RSC should be fine as you can login with you account on anyones copy of the game AFAIK.

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Same Social Club ID cannot log in twice on PC, no, but with two different accounts with two different IDs (and thus two different sign-in emails) on two machines and that's fine. 


No idea why there wasn't some sort of warning as to the email already being in use as normally there would be one, unless I've misread that. 

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