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Limited hangar space


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Hi, i didnt know this but it seems the hangar storage space is limited to 10 

when i added the 11th i lost my sea sparrow cause it seemed to replace the spot i storaged it.

My question, is there a way i can get it back?


*It costed me with upgrades etc over 2m gta money, so i think it sucks the storage is limited, or that there isnt any warning of loosing expensive vehicles

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The hangar can store 20 aircraft in total. What is in 'Storage' depends on what you have on the hangar floor (lots of small aircraft on the floor = less in storage, big aircraft on the floor = more in storage). 


Try going to the management area and seeing if anything pops up there. 

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Hi, i did do that. And its gone, then i removed the cuban 800 for a new empty spot but still no sea sparrow. What also sucks i didnt get any gta cash in return

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And going outside your hangar, your Sea Sparrow isn't available for spawning either, via the interaction menu (Vehicles, Request personal aircraft, I think)? It's really gone entirely?



(I'm just asking making sure nothing got 'lost in translation' here, for like @Gaffa said, the overall storage of any hangar is 20 planes, the hangar's actually visible 'show room area' only containing a limited number of stored planes, very much depending on the aircrafts' respective sizes. What doesn't fit on the display floor, goes into an invisible "background storage", only accessible via certain menus.


Anyway, once stored away, an aircraft will, as far as I know, NOT automatically reclaim its place on the display floor when a spot is cleared anew. You have to transfer it yourself from the 'invisible' storage back to the floor.)


EDIT: This is one of my first attempts dealing in the help section, and I don't know the ropes here yet; should my comment be useless or noob-ish, please no one get angry. I'm just trying.

Edited by Guest
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Yes i have 10 planes on the floorand 10 planes in the storage. When i tried to get my 21th it replaced my sea sparrow. I tried seceral things even removed the cuban 800 but still the sea sparrow not returned. I tried via the interaction menu, but there also the sea sparrow is gone.


so becareful when you have a total of 20 planes/ heli's when you add the 21th you loose 1 

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It gives you two separate warning screens telling you the hangar is full and you have to replace an aircraft; how much clearer can it be? You overwrote your Sea Sparrow, and no, there's no way to get it back.

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