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Is Collectors Box worth it?

Yes or No?  

65 members have voted

  1. 1. Shall I buy the collectors box?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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15 hours ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

I'm sure the anti-gun people would have a field day with that.

This game is probably already going to catch a lot of sh*t. lol. I can see the headlines now "RDR2 is misogynist" "RDR2 is racist" "RDR2 treats Native Americans unfairly" 
Funny thing is i bet R* just ends up showing depictions of realistic things. Like what do you expect them to do, scrub racism from the past? lol. 
Then again what R* game doesn't catch a lot of sh*t?

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Thankfully R* is one of the few devs left who doesn't give a fu*k about this nonsense. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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If you have money to burn and are a big Red Dead fan I don't see why not. 

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Save a few more bucks you can get yourself a real gun.

These Uberti Colt Navies are a fine example and as good as the originals.




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Not getting the collectors box myself. Just too expensive for what you get especially when you have to buy the game separately as well. I've pre-ordered the ultimate edition at GAME where you get the map, steelbook case, story mode and online content.

The replica book does look nice though. Will probably see it on ebay within a short period for a lot less than buying the CB new.

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just do it bob1

I spent 143 bucks on it since I am Canadian and prices go up (USD) and shipping and all that fu*king nonsense


Ladies and gents, don't be like just do it bob1, don't be stupid and certainly don't be an imbecile...

Be like a normal person, be smart, and don't buy the collectors box. 



On 6/15/2018 at 8:15 AM, Cozzi said:

Then again what R* game doesn't catch a lot of sh*t?


Two words my friend:

Table Tennis.

Edited by just do it bob1
bob made a very bad mistake and had to make a big correction
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