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How Many People Still Play?


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How many of you still play GTA 2 to this day. Even though the game is 19 years old it's still enjoyable, for me anyway.

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I'd say it's a really REALLY tiny minority of people who still play it, but nonetheless, i'm one of them. It was one of my very first video games ever (The PSX version) and once i discovered the superior PC version i loved the game even more. Now here's the thing, i've never liked GTA 1 for its choppy, overly saturated visuals and horrible ear-raping audio design, but GTA 2, now there's a game that will always stay in my heart <3.

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12 hours ago, datonepotato said:

I like to play this game at times, very fun and addicting. And the radio stations, omg you gotta love'em.

I love the radio too! Also, one cool thing about GTA 2 which makes the title very unique is the fact it's a semi sci-fi game. The game has this very atmospheric dystopian, retro-futuristic vibe to it. R* has never done the same setting ever again which is a shame. Nowadays as GTA is a huge franchise and everyone's at least heard of it, no one would even consider a scifi title in the series, but in the late 90s GTA 2 very much did this.

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I play it on the odd day when I have nothing else to do. I enjoy it as an arcade game but this, 1 and Advance are the only GTA games I've never completed because I just can't find the patience for them.

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Sometimes, cruising around Anywhere City in a Z-Type with ALL I WANNA DO! on the radio will never be obsolete.  

Edited by Sinner!
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GTA 2 gives me a rush of nostalgia that I like to reexperience from time to time. I still have a blast playing the game.

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  • 10 months later...

In the process of moving but I still own the original Playstation version. Might put it in my PS3 and give it another go, I think it's the only GTA I own physically at this point.

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I play every now and then. I love GTA 2 because of the nostalgia. No game has had such impact of my childhood as GTA 2. I usually play all missions, starting at Downtown.

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Played GTA 2 again like I said, it's very fun, reminds me of classic arcade games with the score system in place and all, but man that saving system sort of blows ass. I didn't like getting 50,000 or whatever at first but at least it's easy. I think that's pretty much my only gripe with the game, I like everything else but GTA 2 isn't exactly my favorite.

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I still occasionally play through usage of OpenEmu. 

GTA 2 was by far one of my favourite games in the entire franchise. The games a bloody masterpiece, anyone who says otherwise has never played the game before or even given it a chance to see what it's like.

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I still play regularly and still have a blast.


For me, 2 is still the zaniest & most unique game in the series & my favourite along with V.


Absolute classic. 

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