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Sharing raw recorded/action replay files?



Hey all,


Short: (PC)Can I take raw action replay or record files from friends for me to edit in the Rockstar Editor? I want to test it myself but I'm also worried that me adding files into any GTAV directory will freak the ban hammer out in my directionūüėä

ps: I also do not mean getting my friends to edit their replays and exporting it to mp4 for me to compile in adobe premiere etc... That's a no brainer as I know a lot of zerg YouTube channels do this



Long: Trying to find someone who can answer this or for a bigger bonus already does it. I ticketed support a few days ago and got a response that said they had no info and besides it's not a technical issue (feels like it is...) and to basically look elsewhere. 

So I run a crew where at the end of each month I've been editing a highlights reel together solely using the in-game recorder / action replay capturer. Which is okay, sometimes I'm in the background of crew member's "hollywood moment" shot or I angle the camera in such a way so you don't see me. Though, whilst I am online quite frequently and capture the majority of what our humble little crew gets up to, there are times where some guys get on (during the day for example) and get up to things and could capture their own special moments. While yes, it could be possible for them to edit it and export into an mp4 to give to me but then I'll end up with 10 or so different editing/effort styles and probably upset members if I decide that their moment that they've spent hours editing doesn't even make the reel...

So I'm wondering if its A: possible for them to send me their raw .clip files for me to merge into my collection of replay files and B: if they do is the auto banning bot okay with me adding their .clips to the videos>clip directory?


Let me know!

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