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Conspiracy Theories

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What do you think of them? Far fetched or not? Of course, you might be thinking what kind of theories I'm talking about. Well mainly political ones. Take Bohemian Grove as an example: Bohemian Grove is a private San Francisco-based gentlemen's club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. Whenever any of the members are asked what goes on there (politicians, celebs, etc) they refuse to answer. There's a video of some sort of ritual going on with a giant owl statue and a group of men. Look it up if you don't believe me. God knows what else goes on there. Do you believe in this conspiracy theory? Do you believe the world is ran by a secretive group of men behind closed doors?

Edited by S.A.C.
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What's the conspiracy in that example?  Bohemian Grove is a well-documented affair.  It's hardly secret that it goes on.  And while some prominent talks have been made there, that lead to actual policy initiatives by the US, such as the Manhattan Project, most of the talks probably do yield much.  And while secrecy is an important aspect of the promise for their members, since it means they can speak freely, I hardly doubt it means they actually 'rule' the world.


Particularly considering that its membership mostly include US men, and few foreigners, it seems unlikely they control much.


So you're saying this is a bog standard 'secret world rulers' conspiracy theory?  There are plenty of those, and they are all equally boring.  When you read up on these things, it usually turns out to be rather benign.


But more to the point; what is the purpose of this thread?  To just debunk conspiracy theories other mention?

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The conspiracy is whether or not satanic rituals and human sacrifices occur there, since it's apart of the theory. And the point of this thread is to debate and discuss conspiracy theories in general. That's not a problem, is it?

Edited by S.A.C.
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Well, if you want to discuss why people believe in conspiracy theories, and the effect that has to societies, that's fine.  Discussing particular conspiracy theories and their merits isn't that interesting.  New conspiracy theories appearing, usually appears in the politics threads anyway, where they are often debunked.

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9 hours ago, Svip said:

Discussing particular conspiracy theories and their merits isn't that interesting.  

As well as being done to death, and really not worthy of any kind of intellectual attention.


Most theories are self-debunking if you look hard enough; somewhere along the lines they involve making ridiculous or unfathomable assumptions, or contradict themselves.


I've yet to find one that really warrants D&D attention.

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