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GTA Online CC for The Sims 4

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Greetings, GTA Online Community.


I just had the idea of wanting to convert some of GTA Online's textures (and some of the models) into Custom Content for The Sims 4. I had that idea since I found some good stuff with Open IV (Dunno if Rockstar will let me go online after every use) where I snatched some of the skin textures, the tattoos, and some of the hairstyles. Someone already did CC for the eyes available in the game, and I'm currently thinking about exporting the skin textures into Sims 4 skins that anyone can wear.

Problem is, I dunno how I'm gonna pull it off. Because there are several face variations on each skin tone, they might not look fitting for younger life stages, and I don't know how I'm going to make all the skin tones compatible with everybody. In other words, I would have to make combinations of each of the possible kinds of combinations you can get from two skin tones, which means it'll take more effort in trying to cover all the skin color combinations you can have from every face texture. I don't know how I can sort this skin CC, even though it might look good for the eyes CC I mentioned earlier. I can try doing the eyebrows, but for the makeup, face details, etc. They require the following, like the skin tones: they must be converted to fit the skin texture in The Sims 4. And it's assembled differently than the GTA Online skin texture. It has parts that are out of proportion or textures that have no clue where they can fit in The Sims 4's texture image, etc. I might need to work this skin CC issue with someone else, because I'm worried I might get the proportions wrong since the skin textures from GTA Online are merged with one another in one image, without a line separating them or something.


I cannot convert the clothing and hair models from the game since they require 3D Modelling and I have little to no skill on that area. However, I can try to make t-shirt swatches of the shirt decals of GTA Online on Sims 4 shirts or something. Maybe. Someone else did this with the I'm Not A Hipster Decals.


What do you think? Should we begin a discussion regarding making GTA Online's Open IV resources into some good ol' Custom Content for The Sims 4? Do you think it's good or not? Has someone else done this before? Let me know your thoughts below.

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For those curious, this is the eye conversion I made before someone else uploaded them, but the only difference is that my attempt has the eyes facing the right way, just like in the game, but the other got more attention.

The guy's name is OCEANRAZR, who made the eye CC. 

After I made the eyes, I thought about converting the skins to Sims 4 skin textures so that they can compliment the eyes, along with other facial additions, but I am not too sure on how that's going to work and whether or not the face additions like facial hair, makeup, etc. can fit on a Sims 4 face.


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An update that I have regarding the topic is that I now have the makeup, the skin and face textures exported. I will try to export the rest, such as the face blemishes, moles and freckles, eyebrows, skin aging, skin complexion, etc.


I might even export the body hair, the body overlays, facial hair, hair overlays (they're not lime green in the files for some reason, unlike the next-gen hairstyles. Maybe I can't find it correctly?), and the latter. I might get to work on identifying the parents of each face texture, and perhaps the rest of the textures that have a name (except skin textures).


In other words, I still have in mind about the skin tone combinations. I don't know how I'm gonna pull this off. Maybe blend one skin tone with the other? But how many times should I do it? Once? Twice? Or more than Twice?

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Any news on your progress?

Edited by RavenShockz

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On 1/12/2020 at 11:00 AM, RavenShockz said:

Any news on your progress?

The eyes are basically done, but due to OceanRazr being one step ahead, he already published the CC on his websites. But I am willing to collaborate with him as I have the face/skin textures of every character extracted, but converting them in a Sims' UV map is a pain.

Besides, for the hairstyles, I'm going to need something like ZModeler to do so, but it requires me to activate it if I'm going to export the hair models into .obj formats, and I'm still a newbie in Blender. I may also ponder on what kind of models I should convert with ZModeler. All the 45 heads? The hairstyles? The clothing?

I did, however, convert the ponytail hairstyle into The Sims 4, but the Hair Overlay/Tattoo requires adjustments. I am unable to do the "Hat Chops" for the hairstyle because of my poor skills on Blender, so it will take me some time (and a couple saves) to make the hairstyles hat compatible, so I may have to learn more on that so that I can see how other "CC Creators" do hat chops for hair.

However, the hair mesh itself has a transparency issue when I converted it to SimGlass.

I haven't been in Sims4Studio for a long time, so I think I could use their help if I'm going to convert

GTA Online customization to The Sims 4.



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