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French Riviera V


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French Riviera V







French Riviera V is a DLC Map Conversion mod that converts the existing map mod released by nine30 for GTA IV into V in a remastered and updated form

To learn more about the map itself, please visit the old thread created by the original author of the mod mentioned above



What is the plan for this project?



Ultimate goal of this project is to reimagine the aforementioned released map mod by expanding it with richer quality, fun gameplay mechanics and content in general, this in turn results in the following development ideas currently placed firmly;


  • Improved model quality, richer vegetation and overal fidelity of the map atmosphere
  • Integration of appropriate shaders for each map area - e.g. normal for grass normal_spec for roads and so on
  • Static vehicles replaced with actual interactive ones(best example are the planes and jets placed as parked on the airport runway as seen in the below forthcoming screenshots)
  • Placement of additional parked vehicles and scenarios across the map, including the possibility of NPC's walking about and doing other daily tasks across the map, thus contributing to the more lively ambience
  • While this is just pure speculation in the team at this time, it is also a possibility that in the final version of the mod, certain missions and races might be included - other speculated and yet to be researched and potential contents of the mod would be:
    a) the ability to have the original map and French Riviera switch on/off after going to the terminal of LSIA or the Riviera Airport in the modded map to travel back and forth
    b) FiveM version of this same mod, allowing players to create RPG, Drifting elements and other applicable content type as seen on the common FiveM servers
    c) Expansion of the map with more EU-esque areas and/or other maps










Team Credits




EncryptedReality (ex-GTARandom) - MAP, SCRIPTING







Special Thanks





  mN6z46e.png    msUzNUD.png

Edited by EncryptedReality
Team manifest update
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We need programmers and artists to ensure that the mod will come full circle in all the mentioned goals in the OP! If you're interested and believe that you can help, please PM me or join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/c8rYVyS

Thank you, we are looking to hearing from you about opinions and development opportunities :)

Edited by EncryptedReality
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16 minutes ago, Napoleone said:

I'm actually living there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Yes, can you join the discord server? It will easier to talk there. :) https://discord.gg/CxBSPR3

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New Screenshots









More soon...

Edited by EncryptedReality
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  • 4 weeks later...

French Riviera V has been RELEASED!

Keep an eye on GTA5Mods to check for when the files will be available for download


GTA5Mods Mod page



While waiting for the files to be permitted, enjoy these few screenshots and a video below :)














Dislaimer: some shots were taken early in the early mod development phase and do not represent final build.


OZlwv6Um.jpg JvUVvnWm.jpg


O8xQQ1Bm.jpg y9X4R0am.jpg


ChDivrQm.jpg dofZogJm.jpg


psBn0u1m.jpg DVZ6Bm3m.jpg


XoC0SRBm.jpg v4fqLCem.jpg
















Edited by EncryptedReality
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1 hour ago, xInno3Dx said:

I guess the ground texture of the street is just a bug ?




It's probably a error with embedded texture inside the model file, game is reading a texture that doesnt exist in dictionaries or model file so it might switch textures.


As French Riviera is mostly open source type of project, i will let the community fix what and if they want to, i just released a base, well, how much i had time to develop the mod.

Right now i got other priorities and possibly more major mod projects to do. I also do work for feeding my ass 😛 and driving school so i do as much as i can and as motivated as am, considering the fact i solely work alone and modding is a hobby, which not to my liking isn't a paid thing that i'd love it to be. I'd love if mods were good and serious as back in IV:SA days, 2011 and pre-that era but we can't always get what we want.


Also, if you find any new interesting things as navmeshes, fix for GPS and traffic spawns, let me know here or PM, just makre sure i know about it :D

Edited by EncryptedReality
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-Post contents removed until ER Discord case will be decided and resolved-

Edited by EncryptedReality
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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...
On 9/13/2018 at 10:10 AM, MrDisclaimer said:

Need new invite on discord, this is out of date.

Sorry for longer absence of mine here, kind of left the Forums in the dark for a while cause i focused on other things unrelated directly

Server linked there is out of order because it was deleted.
No promises, just going to say that server might be up again soon. I'm currently in some process of research and going through some real life turbulence, once the storm clears up, i might try to get it back up, see how it will go then after significant time passed

Edited by EncryptedReality
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  • 2 months later...
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