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Assassins Creed Odyssey

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Have they released any of their 'bigger' expansions yet? Like Hidden Ones from Origins?


Was curious to know how they'd be as I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the two main Origins DLC's, even if they were a little shorter than I would have liked.


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Posted (edited)

I got around to finishing the main story last night. What a terrible story the level scaling didn't help either. I didn't care for any of the characters and just killed everyone I ended up with the bad ending lol.


I thought I'd like this since I loved Origins. I guess I was wrong.


This is Assassins Creed Mcwitcher now.

Edited by Zello

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Finally got back into this game. I originally played a whole lot of it back in January/February before I got burned out but now getting back into it, it seems to be super glitchy. There's occasions where Kassandra just refuses to continue up a mountain for no visible reason and I've gotten stuck inside walls a couple times.


The worst part, though, is that almost every cutscene comes with out of sync and chopped off dialogue. The NPC's mouth will start moving a few seconds before the audio kicks in and then just abruptly stop a few seconds before the character's finished talking. It seems to happen at least once per time I talk to an NPC and has grown really annoying.


I'm on Xbox but from googling it sounds like this is an old problem that plagued all versions and was fixed but has resurfaced after an update. 


I really like this game and its world but as much as I'd like to finally finish the story I just can't bring myself to watch any more of those chopped up cutscenes. I'm having fun just wandering the map and clearing out question marks for now but I've gotta pretty good feeling I'm gonna be burnt out again before they fix this.

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